Monday, January 07, 2008

Ya' GOT to Have Friends!!!

Edited at 10:35 pm Monday to add:
I got a call from ONE of the approximately 77 of y'all who read this blog since I posted it on Sunday. He was kind enough, as nobody else was, to inform me that some of my links weren't working. So, I've fixed them for the cyberlexic [like me] who can't look up at the address bar and see that there is an extra "http://" in there.
Dang it all! I could have sworn I tested all those pesky little buggars before I hit the "publish post" button. Ah well, it's fixed now. Happy clicking, now!

As the Divine Miss M sang so well back in 197something. I have been blessed with some uber-talented and wicked funny friends.

First off, humongous thanks to Matt, the Snot-Nosed StepSon. If you think it's strange to think of a family member as a friend as well as've never had steps, or been in a dysfunctional family, have you? Let me clue you in, having been a StepMother, Redheaded StepChild, and having come from a dysfunctional family [or three], it's a special treat to have family members who are also friends. Anyhoo, Matt not only gave us a NEW router...he spent several hours connecting it and getting it working!!!

This is my first post from the comfort of the couch, my feet propped up, the laptop literally IN my lap!!! Nah, I ain't happy, not much.

Next, the fabulous LaP had me howling with her rant about the neo hippies and their subsumation of tribal jewlery. Please, if you enjoy readin' the language used the way it's meant to be used, you'll get a kick outta this blog.

I think it was Sunday, although it might have been Saturday, I got an email from Lin that she had gotten from a friend. The Dearly Beloved and I were LOAO. Look for it to turn up later this week on his blog.

Peter directed his readers to a marvelous site on Friday. From there, I was able to find this site, which is their clothing line. They promise new additions every Wednesday. I give you fair warning: if you are a friend or Fam, wear tees, and are on my gift list for 2008, you are gettin' one o' these for your B'day or Christmas this year. Might as well check out the site, bookmark it, and let me know which one you want about a month before the event, or 2 months in the case of Christmas. You've been warned.

I don't think I ever mentioned that we had some special visitors for New Year's Weekend. On second thought...that's a topic better saved for another blog.

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phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for the linky-lurve, Hols. :) Isn't Bayou Renaissance Man hilarious? Love that new blog. Sorry I've been out of touch - have been violently ill. Will contact you soon.