Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Great Ideas

I have ideas running around in my head like squirrels on those little wheels. Run, run, run.

One of them is about the Baby Moses Law here in Texas. The others are still too amorphous to share, just yet.

Remember Wednesday, today, is the Haiku contest over at Sparrow's All Atwitter. The winner get to designate a recipient of a deluxe care package. So get your mind set to creative mode and think of your favorite person in uniform in case you win. Don't personally know anyone currently serving in the Armed Forces? Well, then, hie thyself over to or or whatever branch floats your balloon and you can choose someone based on where they are from or where they are serving.
***** I got this next from a clerk at the post office. If you are sending a care package on your own, and you get to the part of the Customs Declaration Form that asks what you want them to do with the pkg. if it cannot be delivered to the addressee...might I suggest that you fill that area with the words: "Deliver to Nearest Clergy". The Chaplain will know of someone in need of some cheering up or more than one person and will see that the contents of your package do not go to waste if s/he cannot track down your intended recipient.

Oh, and I just put up another blog over on the No BS from a BSW blog. Go read if you're considering a career change to Parole work in Texas. Today the negative side, tomorrow or Friday the positive side.


Breda said...

Hi Holly. I just wrote my first haiku over on All A Twitter!

HollyB said...

Well, I'll just go read it. Since this week's subject is Trolls, I figure you're uniquely qualified this week.