Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Little Sumin' for Everbody

Well, maybe not EVERY body, but pretty close.

First up...The Dearly Beloved didn't ask me to do this... but I'm lookin' forward to reading his
friend Larry Correia's book, Monster Hunter International, has now been published and is being offered through The book's title is an explanation of the premise. If you like the idea of monster hunters, Monsters being defined as Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and other Otherworldly baddies, then you'll like this book. Go buy it. Now, DB is a faithful reader of Larry's blog, and when I remember to click over there, I enjoy myself. I guess now that I have the laptop pretty much to myself, I can bookmark under whatever folder I want, so I will put it in a folder I can remember to click on more regularly.

I have a new post up on the Social Work blog. It's all about the negative side of being a Parole Officer. Tomorrow, or maybe Friday, I'll post the things I LIKED about being a P.O. Because there were things I liked about it. This post was prompted by a letter I received that requested I give him the "straight story" on what it's like to be a Parole Officer.

I am in dire need of some encouragement, so I'm counting on y'all. I have put off Rehab for my knee long enough. Mainly b/c I've been through this thing called Physical Therapy before. Now I have a theory about people who go into PT/Rehab. I think they are closet sadists. I just KNOW they are are hiding chortles of glee every time a patient winces, or moans, or cries, or cusses. I believe they actually get off on our pain.

Don't try to deny it. I talked to my Baby Bro, he does Rehab for TAMU. He told me what they are gonna make me do when I go in. I've been trying to do the "Quad Sets" while I've been on the couch. They HURT!!! And afterwards my knee swells! So do NOT try and tell me it's for my own good! I KNOW it's for my own good. I don't want to walk funny. I want to walk normally. Just give me some metaphorical pats on the back, you know, to buck up my courage.

************ Content not Suitable for Immature Males ***********************

Monday, I went in for my annual Mammogram and my 2nd Bone Density Scan. I really would be interested to hear from other 50+, "generously bosumed" women on what the Sweet Tech told me.
I asked her, since I wasn't feeling any pain, I mean zilch, none, nada, if big breasted women complained less than small breasted women. She told me that not only did they complain less, but women in their late 40's and 50's complained less than younger women.

My supposition is that it's b/c we've started to loose some of our "firmness" by that time. Now I do NOT mean to imply that we're draggin' them along beside us in flour sacks, Emphatically Not!. Face it, Ladies, We STILL have what it takes to turn mens' heads... it's just a couple of inches
lower now.

The Bone Density Scan was NO Thang atall after the mammo. Just a follow-up since I had those accidents this past Summer. Want to make sure the Bonive and all that friggin' Calcium and Vitamin D are doin' what they're supposed to be doin'.

Remember, Ladies, get your baseline Mammo by 40. Then after 50, or on the advice of your Doctor, get yearly Mammograms. At age 50, you need to get that first Bone Density Scan. This is especially important if you are Caucasian, Asian, overweight, sedentary, or have a Mother with osteoporosis.

Y'all check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the Baby Moses law.


g bro said...

Looook into my eyes....
"Go to rehab...
go to rehab..."

Yes it hurts more in the short run, but it generally restores full motion sooner and will pay off later. You can do it!

Farmgirl said...

1. Go to your PT, woman! You can do it, and the faster you get it done, the faster it's over with.

2. Never having had a mammogram, I can't speak to it from personal experience, but as a *small* busted woman, the idea of the amount of pressure that would be needed to squish my itty bitty ti... uh... busoms.... into what I understand the machine needs... OUCH!
Also, I think that perhaps the reason that women in their late 40's+ have less pain, is that their bodies are turning off the baby factory. Younger women have hormones pumping all the time to keep the baby factory equipment in tip top condition, including the mammarys, for more than one reason. So, as part of survival of the species, those parts are highly sensitive. Not to mention it's bad enough when Aunt Flow comes to visit and they get all tender...

accident at work said...

what a lot of men fail to realise is that carrying such sizeable assets all their lives makes these women prone to spinal injury

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