Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Physical Therapy

I. Thou shalt not cheat whine, limp or complain.

II. Thou shalt not take thy therapist's name in vain.

III. Thou shalt not determine thine own therapy.

IV. Thou shalt not lose count lest thou shalt start over.

V. Thou shalt not covet other patients' progress as thy own.

VI. Thou shalt make appointments in advance.

VII. Thou shalt try thy hardest with all thy might.

VIII. Thou shalt cherish ice for all eternity.

IX. Thou shalt never say "can't".

X. Thou shalt get better and have a nice day.

This is on one of the TeeShirts on the wall at D & D Sports Medicine, y'all remember, the torture chamber where I am forced to submit to manipulations that cause me misery three times every week.

So far I've broken six of those commandments. The only one I can CHEERFULLY obey is VIII. I LOVE ice in a way I Never thought possible. I've had injuries before, shoot, I've had surgeries before that weren't this bad. I've torn my Achilles tendon and that repair wasn't this bad. The Evans reconstruction of the torn out ligaments in my Left ankle wasn't this bad and THAT'S a weight bearing joint.

But I'm a woman with a MISSION. I have to get fully better so I can walk in my new FLUEVOGS! Yeppers, LaPhlegm has made a convert of me. When I finish this blog I'm calling the Chicago store to find out how this pair fits. If they fit snugly in the toe box, then I'll know to order a bit bigger than what I normally wear. Oh, MY, I'm shivering with anticipation. In fact, I'm signing off now, I have Boots to order.


JPG said...


This must be a measure of the affection I feel for this woman. That price is damn' near enough to buy me a pair of black sharkskin boots from the Tony Lama outlet . . .

IceFire said...

Those are CUTE! (Too bad I can't wear any type of heels, thanks to my seriously screwed up feet. At least I can ADMIRE them, though!)

HollyB said...

The Dearly Beloved should have said ANOTHER pair of sharkskin boots. I think he already has a pair among his collection of boots.
I, on the other hand, had NO boots until today when I ordered this pair!
Harumpf, indeed.

Fluevog has a lot of cutey shoes that have flat heels. They also had some boots with flat of just one inch heels. Drink the Kool-Aid with LaPhlegm and me. It tastes good. While you're browsing around...take a look at the "Mini" family of shoes and the Sugar boots in particular...those will probably be my next purchase. Unless something in the Spring collection REALLY reaches out and grabs me.

Crazy Baby Lainy said...

You have to bring those boots in July so I can see them.

Sorry to hear those P.T. people like to cause you pain :(

Lin M. said...

I am not a shoe person. . I own maybe 5 pair, and one of those is hunting boots. But my favourite is soft leather, brown high heeled boots. When I put those on I feel like walking down the street like Marshall Dillon.

HollyB said...

there is just Something Special about REAL Leather Boots that makes a girl feel Special, isn't there?
I was a "Shoe Horse" in my youth. Then I kicked the habit for a loooong time. Now Phlegm Fatale has gotten me hooked again with her sinfully divine pics at her "house" of come kiss me quick shoes. When you average the cost of a pair of Fluevogs over the 20 years they last...they're actually CHEAP!

g bro said...

Babes in Fetish Shoes Ravish North Texas! Film at 10!

phlegmfatale said...

You know, you're going to look amazing in those. Great advice- telling someone to check out the Mini group of shoes, I have the Mini Gorgeous in two color combos, and I frequently vow to get around one of these days to ordering the all black. They are a delightful, funky staple of my wardrobe now for 3 years running, and no end in sight. Good stuff. Also glorious to have wild funky shoes that are not painful. Can't wait for the full report on these- you're going to look totally glamazon in them. WOOHOO!

AND on sale at that??? Worf it!

SpeakerTweaker said...

Well, Miss Holly, it IS good to see you getting it in gear. I hated being flat on my back after I torched my knee/ankle.

As far as the boots? I thought they were quite nice, so I showed the pic from your link to The Wifey. A quick shrivel of the face with an accompanying "Ugh!" killed that.

I still think they look nice, though;)


HollyB said...

Tweaker, I hope you checked the box for follow-up emails on comments...go back to the fluevog website and go to the shop pull down menu. Then you can take your wife on a virtual shopping trip. There are some awesomely sexy shoes and boots on that site. There are some butt ugly ones, too.

But shoot, a guy like you who wears bowling're bound to like some of those shoes, maybe you can talk her into a pair that both of you like. AND, you can sign up for the newsletter so you will know when the Spring Collection comes out and when they have a sale. The newsletters only hit your mailbox once/month.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

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