Monday, January 28, 2008

I Need to Save to Hard Drive more

I have GOT to start writing this stuff down! Yesterday, I wrote this superb riff, in my head, while I was in the shower. Other people sing in the shower. I like to write in the shower. Did I come out and write it down in the 'puter after I dried off? Of course not. I, like a dummy, got dressed, made a grocery list and went to PetSmart and Kroger.

Once the groceries were put away, I took Tip outside for a training session. Television and supper came next, with concurrent computer games. When I was finally ready to write the blog on teen pregnancies and organized religion [y'all know how I am about tangents] about 2/3 of it had disappeared.

This morning I had a good one going on personal responsibility and my lack of sympathy for those who fail to take responsibility for their actions. I've forgotten what, exactly set me off on that riff, but I'm going to try and reproduce most of it for y'all.

I read a lot of blogs. Not quite as many as before I started using the laptop. I have really pared down my favorites list since I moved over to using it for the majority of my Interweb stuff. I was surprised by the number of intelligent, witty bloggers showing sadness/sympathy over the death of Heath [lost track of how many drugs I did] Ledger.

I do NOT want to hear this was a suicide attempt. If it was a suicide "attempt" there would have been a note. There would also have been signs leading up to it. Classic signs of depression/suicidal ideations can be found at the website of the National Institute of Mental Health. I urge each and every one of you to click on that link and go read them. Unless you've been dealing with a clinically depressed/suicidal person close to you, you don't know all the symptoms.

Also, be aware, once a suicidal person has a PLAN, they can be amazing actors and sneaky beyond belief. There are some families in such denial, they say, "But he seemed so happy these last weeks." "She seemed to be getting better. I thought that new medicine was working."
Be vigilant if a previously depressed person SUDDENLY starts acting as if all his/her problems are just fine and dandy and they don't have a care in the world. But let's get back to Heath.
Heath may indeed have been depressed. But if anyone had the resources to seek treatment for his depression, Heath Ledger did.

No, Heath was self medicating for something, whether or not it was depression or something else. He forgot how much of which drugs he'd done and he overdosed. A "victim" of his own excesses. And if you try to whine, "But, Holly, it was an accident! He didn't mean to kill himself."

THAT is why I don't feel sorry for him or any of the other celebrities who die or self-implode their careers and lives at their own hand. And I cannot fathom why any rational adult would waste any of their time mourning the loss either. If they had died or lost their ability [of whatever sort] through an attack of some sort, or a natural disaster, THAT would be a tragedy. But when an adult, someone with the capacity to make decisions for themselves, consistently makes bad choices, don't expect me to feel a scintilla of sympathy for them when they loose everything due to their own actions.

I just remembered what set this off! This morning, The Dearly Beloved and I were watching some program on Spike TeeVee that showed a video of a woman who "walked too close" to a bear cage at a park. When they ran the footage a second and then yet a third time, it was obvious this stoopid bitch had gotten "too close" by getting between the wooden fence and the bars of the bear's cage. DUH! She deserved every scratch, bruise, gouge, and penetrating injury she got. Breaking the rules and stupidity SHOULD hurt sometimes so that it serves as a bad example to others. Just like those idiot boys in San Francisco. [I do not hesitate to say "I told you so" now that the truth has come out about that night and those fools]

So, I don't waste my time feelin' sorry for Heath, Joaquin, Brittney, Paris, Lindsey and all the other celebs who are imploding before the camera's eye. I don't even blame the paparazzi. These folks court the press and photogs when they need some publicity to promote a cause or movie or project. They can't expect to dismiss them so easily once they've invited them into their life. They are like cockroaches. Once you let them get a foothold, you need a troop of geckos to eat the little bastards up.

I really don't even blame their retinues. The people who make their living sponging off these celebs and kissing their ass and saying, "Yes, Yes, you're absolutely right, here have some more __________." Sponges gotta make a living, too. If they weren't living off this star they'd probably be out on the street trying to collect welfare, food stamps and generally being a burden on society.

Nope, the responsibility falls solely on the shoulders of the ADULT celebrity. They made this mess, they can clean it up. There are lots of professionals waiting to help them. Professionals who are not in NYC or anywhere near the State of California. There are even treatment centers where no celebrity has ever been a patient. So let's have no more sympathy for someone who won't even help themselves.


DBA Dude said...

Very well said Holly, I agree 100%.

Shame that we might have lost some more thoughts on the subject but I think that you have nailed it - especially liked the cockroaches reference.

When I worked in Kuwait I had a lot of trouble with them until I adopted a stray cat (or maybe she adopted me) - problem solved.

IceFire said...

Amen, Holly!! You ust hopped up on one my FAVORITE soapboxes! Unfortunately, our current nanny-state-touchy-feely society seems determined to try to absolve us of personal responsibility...Didn't you know that we are all "victims" of something....strict parenting, no parenting, societal inustice blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum. BAH!! It is way PAST time that people are held accountable for their own actions. Bad choices=bad outcomes...DEAL with it! Life is NOT fair! Put on your big boy/big girl panties and DEAL with it! (OK, rant done...)

phlegmfatale said...

"Be vigilant if a previously depressed person SUDDENLY starts acting as if all his/her problems are just fine and dandy and they don't have a care in the world."

Yeah, they may be plotting a suicide or a divorce.

Anyhoo. I understand your point. Of course, the drug thing and all that is spectacularly self-indulgent, and of course, we should use these examples as cautionary tales. I just think it's sad when young-ish people lose their way, or anyone, for that matter. Also, he'd been suffering from insomnia for who-knows-how long. Yes, of course, the insomnia was prolly chemically induced, but not getting sleep can make you crazy and desperate. Or it can me, anyway.

But, of course, what you say is all true. He wasted his own life, and so are all the other slo-mo trainwrecks around here.