Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've Been Threatening to Do This... here are some new pictures of the dawgs. The Dearly Beloved took all these shots.

This morning Tip was on the couch with me. When Ben came over for an ear scratch and maybe a smoochie of two...Tip got jealous. He put both his paws in my lap as if to lay claim on it. Then of course, Ben had to put one of his paws in my lap as if to challenge Tip...
As you can see from my laughter, I was havin' a BALL.

One of Tip's favorite places to park his tushie [when my lap isn't available] is Ben's head. He got into the habit when he was much smaller and Ben doesn't object now that they are close to the same size, so Tip keeps sittin' on his head.

Ben will keep doin' whatever he was doin' before Tip sat on his head. When he gets tired of supporting Tip's considerable bulk... he shifts and Tip slides off.

Ben, considering himself the Alpha Male, because he is still possessed of the ability to breed, will use Tip as a chin rest as evidenced by this picture.

I hope y'all enjoyed these. Tip tried to help with this post. If the pics Johnny took of his efforts were good, I'll post them next week, sometime.


Lin M. said...

I loved those. . warm family photos. I'm on vacation with my dog (Ok. .that says something about my love life doesn't it). . and having a grand time. . sleeping in.. . playing, sleeping, scratching, drinking from a bowl. . .oh. . and the dog's doing stuff too. . LOL

Great shots and happy to have them shared with us.

g bro said...

What a lovely pair of puppies! You look happy in those pictures, and the color of your blouse is beautiful. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

phlegmfatale said...

Same old Tip, agitatin'!

SpeakerTweaker said...

Dems sure are some cute dogs. Nice pics!


IceFire said...

What sweet pups! Of course, neither one of them realizes that they're just a smidge too large to be lap dogs, do they? Only problem with that is that you can get a bit squashed in the process. Looks like you were having a grand old time with it, though. Thanks for sharing!

Breda said...

Great haircut, Holly! You all are adorable =)

HollyB said...

Thanks for the compliment on the haircut. The "adorable" comment is appreciated,too.

They ARE Sweet Boys! I'll admit they are a lapful. But like my heart, there's always room. As long as those sharp elbows don't poke my soft places.

That's my purple flannel jammie top I wore to the hospital for my Day Surgery. I figured why wear street clothes when I'd just have to come home and change into jammies? So I wore my jammies up there, with a coat, although I'd considered a robe instead.

Crazy Baby Lainy said...

You and your babies are soooo sweet and cute. Thanks for the pics.

Assrot said...

Not much that I love more than my dogs. I have 4. 2 Basset Hounds, 1 English Bulldog and 1 Yorkshire Terrier.

You should see when they all get jealous and decide to sit in Dad's lap at the same time. Once they get settled in my old 20 pound Tom cat jumps in the middle and lays down on top of the pile.

The cat thinks he's a dog and the dog's think he's a dog too. he was raised with them since he was about 5 weeks old.

Nice looking dogs you got there. It's something else what some animals do for attention. My English bulldog sits on all the others like your dog is doing. My Yorkie gets mad when she tries it and bites her on the rear. She thinks it's funny and tries to play with him.

They are truly man's (and woman's) best friend heh?


Fallen' Angel said...

Thanks for making good on your "threat," Holly. Personally, I consider this post more of a gift. They are lovely dogs and looking at you smiling with them shows all there is to know about the love between us mere mortals and our beloved critters without saying a single word.