Friday, May 08, 2009

Shame, Shame!

The latest outrage from the Obamessiah administration is a plan to cut the fund to assist the families of law enforcement slain in the line of duty.
The Justice Department is trying to downplay this slap in the face to families whose loved ones paid the ultimate price for OUR safety saying the number of officers slain in the line of duty is expected to fall. The number last year was the lowest since 1960. However deaths this year are already 21% higher than last year at this time. 

Given the state of the economy, some individuals may be driven to commit property crimes and robberies in an effort to support their families. I'm not talking about junkies or career criminals. I'm  talking about Joe Average who finds himself out of work, out of unemployment benefits and facing foreclosure on his home and repossession of his car because he is no longer an earner. 

Let's not forget the officers who deal in the trafficking of illegal immigrants across our borders, especially the Southern border. Coyoteros have been known to be more violent than illegals crossing on their own. Drug smugglers have been involved in shoot-outs with Border Patrol, DEA agents and local law enforcement all along the border. These and other groups are increasingly violent in confrontations with Law Enforcement Officers.   
What I find most ironic is this plan is announced "day before" the Attorney General is due to speak at an event honoring Officers killed in the line of duty. What a hypocritical gesture!


phlegmfatale said...

What a total bastard he is.

Anyhoo- this is your drive-by squeeing-- I'm back online. yays!

Old NFO said...

Another example of "savings" by taking money away from the Military, LEOs and Veterans who EARNED it!