Friday, December 19, 2008

My Bite Guard

I've been a “tooth grinder” since I was about 12. After 30+ years of this behavior,I had begun to wear away the surface of my lower teeth. My Dentist thought I would benefit by wearing a “bite guard.” He genuinely thinks a custom made one is more effective than a store bought, one-size-fits-all bite guard you can obtain at the Drug store.

SO...I had a cast made of my lower teeth so he could make a bite guard for me. Incidentally, I am NOT a big mouth, they had to use a pediatric tray for the molding.
I wear the bite guard every night while I sleep. When I'm not wearing it, it resides in its holder soaking in antiseptic mouth wash. I've always stored it this way. Imagine my surprise when I took it out of the new green mouthwash only to discover the guard had turned a translucent green! I had a good laugh over that.

After being in my mouth all night it's back to its normal, UN-colored state, but I still chuckle when I put a green guard in every night. At least it tastes good.


Flo said...

Ah, it helping out with the holiday spirit? Now you need to find a red tinted peppermint mouthwash, then you can alternate nights!

My voice left Thursday and I still haven't been able to find it. Ugh. Hope it comes back by Wednesday, I really do like to sing along and not just play the guitar at Mass--even if it is just me that can hear.

We'll be seeing you SOON!!

g bro said...

My teeth turned my bite guard green! (Grossout - just kidding.) I'm expecting the office manager to call and remind me about my appointment with the doc soon. I love everything about my dentist except if she has to do any repairs. A bunch of sweet, attractive women with drugs - just one teeny drawback.

Christina LMT said...

I just can't wait to get my braces off! I imagine if I soak my retainer like you do your bite guard, I'd end up with green-looking teeth, since I know that I have to wear the retainer during the day initially...;)

phlegmfatale said...

I soak my retainers every day in efferdent, and they emerge tasteless, as I prefer. :)