Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's 10 days 'til Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the entire year!

I've been trying to get in the “Christmas Spirit” this year. I bought a living tree to plant in the yard after Christmas. I got my ornaments out of the attic and put the favorite ones on the tree. I've strung white lights for me and the old-fashioned big bulb colored lights for the Dearly Beloved.

All my shopping is done! [well, except for 2, but getting them will take about 15 minutes.] The presents are wrapped and piled around the tree.

And still, I can't seem to maintain a consistently cheerful mood. It's there in flashes, but not all the time.

I'll work on it.


g bro said...

My big tubular package arrived from Denton yesterday!

You're doing good! No more big chores, so you can enjoy the season. I can tell you're working on it - I bet it'll be great.

Christina LMT said...

I've been struggling with my Christmas spirit as well. I did put up decorations and our little cheesy fiber optic tree, and tonight we lit the candles and played Scrabble (for the first time in years), and I think I felt it! Progress.