Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy week. And it's NOT gonna get better before the week is over. But busy can be good. This is directed, goal-oriented, productive busy; not manic, headless-chicken busy.

Tip continues to heal well. I took him in Monday to get his bandage removed. Doc was pleased with his progress. He'll go back Friday to get his staples out. Well, the ones left. I have to call this morning b/c he has managed to either chew out, lick out, or bust out about 5 staples. But it doesn't have the appearance of a “gaping wound”. It's more like they folded his loose skin over the incision and then stapled it closed. Any body have a clue here? In all my years of being a Dawg's human, I've never had one who had surgery closed with staples before.

I've been working on various cleaning/organizing projects in the house and yard that I've neglected over the summer. The cabinets and drawers in the kitchen have felt my tender ministrations. The hedge on the North side of the house is being denuded in preparation for the stumps being removed at the same time ½ a tree is cut down.
Now I HEAR what you're thinkin', “1/2 a tree?” Scratch, scratch. “Whiskey Tango Hotel?” Well, probably 10 – 15 years ago, this tree took a huge hit of some kind. Looks like maybe lightening [?] or an axe. Whatever it cleaved the tree. About 3 feet up from the ground this tree bifurcates, one trunk growing SSW and one trunk growing NNE. The NNE trunk had 2 branches and one died shortly after the split. The one that remains...THAT”S the one we're having cut down.
When the house to our North was built, the 6' wooden fence was built with a notch to accommodate the tree “branch”. However, we want to put a 16 x 20 Storage Shed [the cutey red barn lookin' one] adjacent to the tree. Since the tree is eventually gonna intrude on that fence's integrity, might as well cut it down NOW, rather than later. Before we build the shed, while it's easy, relatively, to take it out through our yard. Before we are liable for the cost of a new fence.
It will be easier for our Tree Guy to get to the tree and do the work if the “trash” bushes are trimmed to the ground. AND, it will be easier for me to begin my replanting program on that fence line if all the old boxwood and teensy hack berry stumps are gone. THEN, I can replant in Wisteria, Honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine and maybe some moonflower. Yeah, I know it'll attract some bees. But they tend to leave you alone if you leave them alone. And the smell when we're sittin' out on the patio will be worth it. Oh Yeah!

I've also been tryin' to clear out some of the flotsam and jetsam from our house and yard. Not the trash kind, the “junque” kind. I want to have a HUGE yard sale in October after we build the Storage shed and get all the Dearly Beloved's stuff out of Storage. I need to get up in the attic and see what we want to keep and what to sell in the yard or on e-Bay/ Craig's List.

I'm thinkin' of getting' rid of a Vanity with “glove boxes” on the top, if anyone wants to come look at it. We've got 2 lawnmowers that need new pull strings, those will be up for sale. Some other furniture. Unless I hear from one or another of our collective chirren with a claim on it.

But most of this will have to wait until the last week of this month. We're “getting' out of town and getting' gone,” [h/t Gary P. Nunn, Roadtrip] as of Saturday. We've needed some Terlingua therapy for a long time now, and we're getting' some. Friend Art says with all the recent rain the desert is in bloom. What the media HERE hasn't reported b/c of the devastation Ike wreaked along the Coastal regions is the havoc rains have brought to the Big Bend. Now that things have settled down, though...

The Dearly Beloved is one of the Luckiest Men Alive. While he takes my 'vertible to the Submachine Gun Match Saturday morning ... I'll be home loading his SUV for the trip. How much better could a man have it? All he has to do is pack his suitcase the night before, and set out the guns HE wants to take. Everything I want to shoot will fit in my range bag.
And that includes my ammo, custom ear plugs, extra magazines, targets, staple gun, cleaning supplies and shooting gloves.

When he returns from his match, all we have to do is hop in the Escape [aiin't that a GREAT name for an SUV?] with Tip and hit the road. I am SUCH a good little wifey.

I haven't decided whether the laptop will make the trip or not. So this may be the last post for a while....


Farmgirl said...

As long as the wound is a) well scabbed, b) healed closed with no sign of oozing, pus, or "holes" (aka that "gaping wound" look you mentioned) he should be fine. If you catch him licking or chewing at it to much, tell him no, but if it's healing well, there's no reason to be alarmed if he's pulled some of his staples.

If you think it's odd to have a dog pulling it's own staples, you ought to see a cat *untying* her stitches. No joke. One of the barn cats untied her stitches one by one. Didn't pull them out, just untied them to get rid of the itch.

g bro said...

So you won't be in Houston this weekend? No worries. Have a good trip!

HollyB said...

Holy Crap, I KNEW there was someone I forgot to call this week! I'm genuinely sorry you had to read about it here. BUT I will be down there soon. Just wish the Reunion had gotten rescheduled. I rilly was kinda lookin' forward to it.

I called the Vet Thursday after I posted this....they wanted to see him. Doc took some MORE staples out, but said the Sub-Cutaneous healing was A-OK!
He goes back Saturday morning to get the rest of the staples out.
I'll bet that cat was a sight to see.
Thanx for the info.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, if you run out of stuff to tidy up at your place, feel free to come work on mine!

Y'all have a good trip!

g bro said...

Holly, the reunion will be 11 October. I think I'm going.


Christina LMT said...

Have a great trip, Holly and JPG!

And yes, he's lucky to have you...;)