Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety, Jog.

Pulled into the driveway about 10pm. I made it to Jack county about 20 minutes too late for optimal picture takin'. Oh well, we can go through there on our way out to Terlingua next month. Because I don't care if it harelips the Pope, we're goin' to Terlingua next month! We deserve it!

I have heard from my child and two brothers [or their chirren] who were in Ike's path. All are SAFE! The Bros are without power now and until at least Wednesday, but everyone is unharmed. The Aggie Bro suffered some property damage, and he's in Navasota! But other than having to amuse his daughters by playing Yatzee outside in the cool breeze since the power is shot, they are well.

The Houston Bro has a Coleman lantern, Coleman stove, and plenty of bottled water and canned food. He thought to draw up water in his bath tubs to use in facilitatin' the indoor plumbing [if you know what I mean]. His daughters came home to Daddy to weather the storm [and eat Daddy's cookin']. He has enough "hunting tools" to fend off looters and others with ill intentions until full order is restored. Of course, his older daughter has her own sidearm and knows how to use it.
I offered them shelter up here, but He was worried about his house. And, since it's paid off, even with insurance...I can understand his reluctance to leave it to the tender mercies of strangers. Plus, he had his Daughters to think of.

So, Everyone in MY family is safe and sound, if not entirely comfortable this evening. I hope the same is true for all of y'all....the safe and sound part.


g bro said...

As you saw in my e-mail, we came through fine. All utilities are working, and Wes and I got the limbs out to the curb. He also went out, found a cable splitter on top of my breaker box and swapped it out with the one that was torn (!) when the huge limb fell on the cable. Voila! Internet and TV! Ladies, Wes is single (divorced), 51, a systems analyst for M.D. Anderson, loves sci-fi and old movies, and is a little shy. His family lives up in Athens, TX. He's a fine feller and really saved our bacon!

Christina LMT said...

Glad to hear it, Holly. I'm in shock at the devastation in Galveston.