Friday, September 19, 2008

Pics of My Plants

Misleading title, since the 1st two pictures are NOT of my plants, but of other yard

adornments. Back in April, when I helped LaP move, she was going to leave the table and this terra-cotta votive stand [?] behind. I said, "Oh no, you're NOT! If you really don't want to take them to your new place I'll adopt them." And the deal was struck. I'll take a pic of the cleaned off table top on another occasion, because it's a work of art!

The two Griffins guarding the terra cotta starry globe, I picked up at I-35 Statuary there about exit 315. I originally just got one Griffin and a gargoyle for my Cousin. But you can't have just ONE Griffin. I have always been intrigued by these creatures. I guess it's that whole guardian of the divine thang. What with me BEING divine and all.

Early last April, I devoted two posts to repotting a Blue Agave. This is that Agave. At 4 o'clock is the largest of the "babies."

Same plant, different angle. Different, smaller baby in the 4 o'clock
position. In the 9 o'clock, partially hidden by the bigger leaf from
the Mother Plant, is the 3rd baby.
Slightly different angle on to try to show all the features of this
Amazing Agave. I can't believe how well it has recovered from being root bound.

From left to right, the Agave, an 8"square planter that was the original home of the Split-leaf Philodendron on the right. I put the planter in there for a couple of reasons: 1) to give it some scale. Knowing it is 8" square kinda makes the other two look as huge as they actually ARE; and 2) I wanted to show how much the Philo-
dendron has grown in just two years.

Yeah, a friend sent the Dearly Beloved that Philodendron when he was in the hospital back in
October, 2006. This re-potting was the 3rd time in 2 years I've
had to give it a bigger home. BUT it's the last time.I was talkin' to
Mother today, remember my Mother...the Florist? She told me how to prune the "Branches" so I can make other plants instead of
repotting to accomodate the growing bulk of the plant. Hurrah!
This is my kitchen window plant. I had these bromeliads in two seperate containers. Neither one was doing very well. I removed the dead and dying leaves and figured I had enough room in this window box planter for the two of them. Now, if I can just remember to water the "cup" everyday....maybe I can keep it alive.
The one group of plants I didn't take pictures of were the Ivy. I had a big bowl of Pothos Ivy. The bowl was big to begin with, and the ivy had gotten "zucchini" syndrome: it just kept producing and producing and producing. Pothos Ivy is to house plants what zucchini is to vegetable gardens. Be honest now, vegetable gardeners [past and present], have you ever planted the little "z" and then didn't have enough? No, you ALWAYS have enough to give a basket to ever body you know.
That's how I am with ivy. I made ELEVEN pots from that one big pot of ivy. I've given one away. And I'm accepting applications now for home for eight others. Leave your qualifications in the comments section.


MP said...
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Brigid said...

Sorry that was me, thunderstorm going and I didn't know if I'd saved or not.

Your plants look better than mine, that's for sure. I can kill a houseplant in about 3 days.

Christina LMT said...

Ditto. I have silk plants, they require no care, and I can't kill 'em!

Yours look beautiful, Holly!

Funny you should mention griffins, because I've been thinking about getting a griffin tattoo. I swore up and down four years ago that I'd gotten my last one, but now I think I need to balance. I have a beautiful dragon on my left leg/ankle, so really should get a tattoo on my right leg, right? And I LOVE griffins! Beautiful mythological beasts that they are. I'll have to do some research on the tattoo, though...
Hope you're having a great weekend!

HollyB said...

Brigid and Christina... all plants need is sunlight and water in the proper proportions.
If the dirt is dry when you stick your finger in it...give it some water.
If it's's either not getting enough sun or you're OVERwatering.
Give them some kind of plant fertilizer after you bring them home, and then once/month.
Repot once a year so they don't get root-bound.

Now, that's not so hard, is it?