Sunday, May 25, 2008

Things Are Lookin' Up

Had a rough week. Things were Twilight Zone in Killeen and I was in a "bad" frame of mind when I returned home. Hard to write in that condition. BUT, my outloook started improving on Thursday and has been gettin' better every day since.

Thanks for comin' back today!

Thursday night I went shoppin' for my b'day presents and a baby shower gift. Found not one, but TWO cutey purses ON SALE at Dillard's! Both of them have tons of pockets and zippers and dividers. And that just sends my OCD tendencies into Overdrive.
I found part of the baby gift for Devin at Target, but I'm still gonna have to go to We-B-Babies to get the rest of it.

When I arrived home with my Plunder [1st rule of piracy...Pillage, THEN Burn.], the Dearly Beloved was helping me bring in bags from the trunks. He asked which ones he should grab. "Take the ones from Dillard's, but don't let me see what's inside. That would spoil the surprise for my Birthday." He looked at at my with a wry grin and drawled, "Well, we certainly wouldn't want to Spoil the SURPRISE now would we?"

Once we had all the bags inside and the dawgs had been petted...I told him he had also gone to Michael's and bought plain brown bags, being the environmentally conscious fella he is, in which to put the purses. He had thought about getting white bags so he could write a message on the outside with our collection of colored Sharpies. Then he decided that was just TOO cute by half. He settled for some Red Rose tissue paper to pretty-up the plain brown reusable bags to placate my feminine side. [I swear, I am so good to this Man!]

I had lunch with the Angel Baby Girl on Friday. We dropped her car off for an oil change and then used our time productively while that was being done. She got some Jeans and jammies pants. I got some short jammie sets and These. Swear ta the Gawdess, these little gems have Changed My Life. I Lurve their Magic!

Saturday morning: I arose from my slumbers at the virtual butt crack of dawn [7:45] so I could make it down to the Dallas Pistol Club for the 10AM Real World Match. More fun than watchin worms wrassle! I am SO breakin me off a piece of THAT next month!

And now? Now I gotta go clean the .22 Buckmark so I can go back to the DPC for a Steel Plate match at 10. After Action report. I WON'T do well since this is my first match in YEARS. But it'll be FUN and that's the REAL point.


g bro said...

Shoot first, ask question later.

CBlainy said...

I have the same exact bra! How strange is that????????Comfy think, I love mine.

phlegmfatale said...

it was fun watching the match with you on Saturday, and I wish we could have shot together in the Sunday match. Oh well-- next time!

g bro said...

By the way, welcome home. I hope Killeen didn't take too much out of you.

Do those bras come with built-in holsters?