Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Saw the Coolest....

thing in a long time this morning as I was leaving Mom and Daddy's house....

A Mockingbird chasing a Coyote!!!

When they built that house 22 yrs ago, their 3 acres was in a "rural" setting. Now...not so much. I'd tend to call it semi-rural even if the School District is building a middle school on the 50 acre tract that abuts their and their neighbor's land.

But as long as I can see a sight like's still a grand place to live.


Christina LMT said...

Was it scolding the whole way?
That's too cool!

phlegmfatale said...

there's something cool about a coyote being menaced by the state bird!

g bro said...

Mockingbirds are such bossy things. I think they're hilarious.

Rabbit said...

I saw two male boat-tailed grackles chasing a coopershawk yesterday. At least, they were chasing it...until the hawk did a 180 and grabbed one of them.


Payback, bitches.

The mockingbirds were giving Sadie fits in the back yard over the weekend. I hung up 3 new bird feeders and there was quite a stir over which species had first dibs- mockingbirds, jays, or grackles.