Monday, May 26, 2008

Tons of Fun, Part I

Sunday's Steel Plate match was literally "tons of fun" for everybody! The Dearly Beloved decided at the VERY last minute he wanted to go, so we were running a little late. He and I were on the same "team."

What the uninitiated may not understand is that this ain't like a regular team...Your competing against everybody on your team and everybody out there shooting for the best time. it's not like your team-mates are invested in your success. BUT, if you're shooting with a friend or spouse, you can be on the same team and help each other with gear and reloading magazines, share water, ammo [if you're shooting the same caliber pistol], snacks, whatever.

I'll give y'all a FULL report later, right now...
I'm off to Lake Worth to pick up the Angel Baby Girl's Christmas present. Don't hate me b/c I'm organized. There's a down side to having a touch of OCD, too.

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