Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Haven't Been Loved Like This...

Tip likes to just BE on

the couch with me. I know it looks like I'm holding his head on
my shoulder, but I'm not. I just reached up to pet him.

He does this every day. Usually he does it when I'm
trying to write.

But sometimes, he just does it when I'm sitting and watching
TeeVee or talking to the Dearly Beloved. It starts like these pictures did. Just resting his head on my shoulder. Then it's a nuzzle.

Then he progresses to full on facial exfoliation and slurping.

I must have had salt on my chest. Damn night sweats!

So, this is the latest batch of pics. I'll try to remember to have Johnny take some the next time we're working on his training. He is doing such a great job on all the things Luke has taught us. I can't recommend Sit Means Sit highly enough. Send me an email if you're in the N.TX area and I'll give you Luke's contact info. If this method can get a 100+ pound boy like Tip to mind, imagine what it can do for your small or medium sized dog!


Anonymous said...

We had a Black Lab/Springer mix that would get in my lap every time I sat on the couch. Luckily he only weighed about 65 lbs. He was a great friend.

CBL said...

How sweet!

HollyB said...

Myron, I don't know how long you've been readin'...Tip is a Boxer/Pointer cross. He weighed 104.2 a couple of weeks ago.

Since he's just a year old, he'll grow for another 6 months, minimum. Probably top out around 120-130.

I'll bet your Lab/Springer was a sweet boy!

Crazy Baby,
Yes, he IS a sweet Boy who loves his Mama. The last time I had a dog who was th is affectionate, I was 12. Boo loves me, but she's stingy with the kisses.

Anonymous said...

Holly, I just showed up recently after a poignant comment you made over at phlegmmy's.

phlegmfatale said...

Tip is a total tart! Everyone should have a mutual admiration society with a dog - it's the best thing. :)

g bro said...

Somebody loves his momma!