Monday, February 18, 2008

Holy Sci-Fi, Bat-Girl!

There's a Firefly Marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel today!
I LOVE holidays! There's a L&O marathon on TNT, too.
Doesn't matter that I've got the box set of FF and the movie tying up all the loose ends.
Doesn't matter that I've seen every L&O, of every flavor ever aired.
When I'm watching a broadcast marathon, I'm 69 of 1M. Sometimes it's good to be part of a crowd.


Anonymous said...

Problem with SciFi on Dish is it ain't HD. And SD just doesn't look so hot. So I'll play the boxed set of FF and then follow with Serenity on my upconverting DVD dingus.

Speaking of SciFi stuff, have you been watching Sarah Conner Chronicles? Little Summer can kick some terminator ass. 'Course, she's a tin miss, as Sarah says.

CBL said...

Love L&O and could watch all the flavors over and over again.

Hubby is the one who goes for SiFi, but he's not here. Tee hee

Assrot said...

Darn, I knew I should have taken the day off. I like Firefly. It was one of my favorites.

I have to wonder about what people are thinking that cancel such a good show.

Wish I'd have known earlier. I'd have recorded it on the DVR.

Oh well, hope you enjoyed it. I'll catch it next time around.


g bro said...

Call me G "Law & Order" Bro. Vincent D'Onofrio's wife just had a son on Valentine's Day.
I hope all the writers get back to full productivity so we can get a full complement of new episodes. The strike was really tough on shows that have PLOTS!

Lin M. said...

Browncoats unite! Firefly. . all day? And on my day off. Cool,