Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Writing Partner

Tip is jealous of the laptop. He thinks HE should be in my lap and gettin' all that "pettin' " , not the computer. It's easier for him to pull this act when I'm sitting up. Witness what I have to endure in these pictures below:

"Whatcha' writin' today, Mama?
Can I make a suggestion about this line here?
I really think MY idea is better."

Then when I don't take his suggestions, he stages a "snooze-on" in an attempt to take over the keyboard. Like this:

Do y'all have ANY idea how difficult it is to write with your arms and hands in this position?

So when I get disgusted and decide to make him get off the couch all together...
he tries to ruin my "Idea Book" by drooling on it!

Hope y'all enjoyed this peek inside my creative processes!


phlegmfatale said...

You need to invent a prophyLAPtic, honey. A laptop condom to keep doggie drool out cho keyboard. I'm just saying.

g bro said...

My girl cat Dorothy has a lot to learn from that puppy. All she does is type, install software accidentally, block the screen and occasionally nip me for typing more than petting.