Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tip's New Accessory

Ben likes to get in the trash. To thwart his trash can explorations we got a trashcan with a swinging lid. It worked like a Charm in keeping Ben from becoming a Trash Hound.

Then we got Tip. When he got tall enough and smart enough, he figured out how to bypass the swinging lid that had confounded Ben. Like his Mama, he his smarter than the average pup. [He has also watched Boo and learned how to open the back door from the ourside when it is left unlocked.]

At first, he'd just dive in, get a tasty morsel and chew it up. Now that he is tippin' the scales at 92 pounds, and his head is bigger, the lid gets stuck on thathead, and comes off when he tries to make good his withdrawal. BUSTED!

Sorry about the quality. I had just stumbled out of bed and could barely see myownself, much less focus the camera. I didn't notice until I put the card in the 'puter that the flash hadn't deployed.

Speakin' of "deployment"... Kroger has a Great service they are offering right now. When you get to the checkout line, there is a 3 part coupon you can have the cashier scanned to make a $1; $3; or $5 donation to Any This is an amazingly easy way to make a difference in the life of our deployed service men and women. I have talked about Any on this blog before. Well, AnySoldier is the same organization, just a different branch. You can go to;;; You can choose your donation by region which the "soldier" is from or where they are serving. You can pick gender. Although a lot of Companies are mixed male and female. You don't have to send any goods, although once you get an address... the person who submitted their name as a point of contact usually makes suggestions as to what their unit needs or wants. Just a card or letter is enough, it lets these patriots know that folks back home that don't even know them really DO care. And for a lot of them, this means something.
SO, if you don't have the time or inclination to put together a care package, please consider this UBER easy way to donate at a Kroger near you. I mean really, $1 added on to your grocery bill? Hell, most of y'all spend more than THAT on coffee on your coffee breaks. I spend that much when I go to Sonic 3/week for my Raspberry Tea fix. PLease give so soldiers away from family and friends can have a nicer Christmas. And, then, keep giving. They are giving so much, we can give just a little, can't we?


Ambulance Driver said...

Fuzzy pictures's really good to see you posting regularly, Ma'am. ;)

phlegmfatale said...

Oh.Mah.GARSH! That is side-splittingly funny - the Tipster looks like an old cartoon or vadeville character with some perversely-proportioned necktie. Come to that, it's very Deputy Dawg. FUN-NEE!

Thanks so much for the tip-off on the thing - I'll definitely add that to my list.

Lin said...

thanks for the heads up on Kroger, we have them up here. I've gotten a couple of really nice thank you letters from my care packages to These guys (and gals) are my daughters age, and I hope that their parents are as proud of their service as I would be.

Fallen' Angel said...

Fuzzy or not, that is one CUTE picture! Lobo, my pup, is a counter surfer and I almost lost a roast the other day when I forgot about that special talent of his.
Having a BLAST catching up on your blog, Holly. Your words always make me smile.