Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday's Stream of Consciousness

Is anybody else's Site Meter down? or is it just mine? Dearly Beloved's seems to be unaffected. When I went over to their took forever to get signed in and then they told me that the "data for your site is unavailable...Please try again later." Bleg! So I guess that's why my Site meter has disappeared.

But it doesn't explain why my archives and links disappeared, too. I had to go back into Settings and there they were, just sitting there, so I made some changes I needed to make anyway and then they popped back onto the screen. But then my picture looked wonky. I still haven't figured out how to fix that problem. It sucks to be cyberlexic!

I'm tired of the purple text on the green background. But I can't decide what color combo to go with. Any suggestions? I'll consider anything but brown or blue. And can anyone tell me how to [easily] get more font choices? I've got Open Office, but I'm really bad about not composing over there and then transferring it over here. Would the fonts there transfer here, or would blogspot just go, "huh? bitch, you can't use that!" ?

I need to water my plants. Somebody want to come do that for me? This is just the indoor plants. It only takes about 10 minutes, but for some reason, I wait until they are all dying of thirst and droopy. It's a miracle they don't all just up and die on me.
I've got a Split-Leaf Philodendron that the Sheriff gave Dearly Beloved when he was in the hospital last year with his broken hip. It started out about 10" tall in a 6" pot. It is now 3' tall in a 15" pot that is 12" deep! I've got it tied in 2 places with panty hose to keep the branches and leaves away from the ivy on one side and the TeeVee on the other side. It is a MONSTER plant.
In the kitchen, because it doesn't need as much light, is a Bromeliad that DB got in the hospital from friend Rich. It has been transplanted x2 in the last year b/c of growth. It now has 4 off shoots at the base. And this is with neglect. Can you imagine how big that sucker would be if I took care of it like I'm supposed to?
Also in the kitchen are two Aloe Vera plants, one on the window sill and one across the room that started out as one plant my Mother had gotten tired of and left unpotted, outside, in August to die. When I brought it home it had been out of a pot for about a week. I filled an old ice chest with water, propped the lid open, and put the plant and a couple of terra cotta pots in there to soak up as much water as they could for a couple of days. [Some of y'all may not know that unglazed t.c. pots have to be soaked thoroughly before you plant something in them or the pot leeches all the water away from the soil.] Then I just divided the plant into a bigger one and a smaller one, put some stones in the bottom of the pots to help the drainage, used succulent potting mix, and re potted the Aloe Vera. It's doing great.

When I finish this, I'm gonna sit down and do the few Christmas Cards I send out. I don't send out very many cards, although I buy a LOT. I just tend to buy them after Christmas, when they are marked down by 75%. With all that Holly on the cards, the blank ones are like having personalized note cards! I just have to make sure my red and green pens haven't dried out since last year. Of course, my Hallmark addiction makes me buy cards, too.

BTW, I have a new blog up over on the SoWk blog. If you know anyone, or you suspect someone you know is Manic Depressive or Bi-Polar [a rose by any other name would bounce off the walls just as much] you'll find it informative.

Dearly Beloved informs me that we are NOW going to go fix our gate. Happy repairs to y'all!


DBA Dude said...

You will probably get a better answer from someone with more experience of blogging than myself but here is what I know.

Blogspot allows you select from a list of six fonts for a limited array of text entries.

To change your fonts, when you login to blogspot, Select Layout and then select Fonts and Colours, scroll down and make changes to colours or fonts.

Importing from OpenOffice will lose any fancy formatting that you did over there.

There are other ways to allow "flashy font use" but they involve a basic understanding of HTML - so I will not go there.

Fallen' Angel said...

Thanks for the tip on the terra cotta pots! I could kill a cactus left to my own devices so I need all the advice I can get in that department.
Glad to know I'm not the only greeting card addict out there - I should by stock in Hallmark and American Greetings! You've inspired me to sit down and get my Christmas cards written out today too. I am horrible about buying cards by the pallet and then never sending them on time so maybe this year mine will arrive before Valentine's Day - LOL!

phlegmfatale said...

I promise to love your blog in any color. :)

Wow - all these years gardening and I never knew that about wetting the terra cotta before planting in it! That's SO great to know. Funny thing is I love cooking with a clay cooker, and you have to soak those for about a half hour before sticking them in the oven, lest they crack. Also, you have to put them in a cool oven and then let them heat up gradually.