Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Thursday, December 20, 2007
Consumer Group: PETA Is Hiding Its Grisly Death Toll

The animal “rights” activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are none too happy about the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Thanks to us, millions of people have seen firsthand the irrefutable evidence that PETA, which publicly proclaims that bunnies and babies are morally equal, kills animals by the thousands. (Don’t believe us? Click here for the proof.)

Our damning documents come courtesy of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), which requires “humane societies” to annually report their euthanasia rates. PETA filed the required “Animal Record” reports from 1998 to 2005.

These records show that during those years, PETA killed over 14,400 dogs, cats, and other shelter pets at its Norfolk headquarters. (Still don’t believe us? We’ve still got the proof.)

PETA is no longer complying with VDACS’ legal reporting requirement. Online records show PETA has only filed 2006 information on collected wildlife, not shelter animals. But even the incomplete figures are true to form: PETA employees killed 248 out of 249. If they’re willing to admit to that, imagine what they’ve decided to keep secret.

The public has the right to know how many “companion animals” met their demise on the business end of a PETA syringe last year. We won’t stop digging until we have answers.

A word of warning...Townhall is slanted to the Conservative/Republican view of the Political spectrum. If you're looking for balanced reporting, look elsewhere. OTOH, I rarely find balanced Political reporting in the mainstream media...they are far too busy kissing Obama's cheeks while anointing him the "New Robert Kennedy" if RFK's feet walked on water!

I was 13 in 1968. I have a clear retrospectrograph of Bobby. He was a Progressive in a lot of ways [Hell, the hippies supported him and he was a KENNEDY, Liberalism was in his genetic code], but he was NOT perfect. In fact, he was waaaay too much like the Hildebeast in his social policies for my comfort level. Not to mention, JEdgar had a nice fat file on Bobby. Would you have wanted J. E. Hoover controlling the President, the most powerful leader in the free world?

But, I digress from my original topic of PETA euthanizing animals left in the care of their supposedly "no-kill" shelters in Virginia. First, let me make something perfectly clear for those of you who don't already know, I think Fur is Murder, to clean. I said that at a party, one time. All the little PETA folks moved away from me, very slowly [kinda like bein' on the Group W bench when all you've been convicted of is Littering]. Later on I'd see them, staring, pointing and whispering in some one's ear. It's not like the hostess could/would ask me to leave...I'd been invited by a close relative of the guest of honor.

Anyhoo... I am unopposed to the euthanizing of animals when they cannot be saved without suffering huge amounts of pain. It's just not fair. We are their keepers and if we have it within our power to ease their suffering then we should exercise that power.

So, in addition to having the information about how many animals PETA euthanized, I want to know WHY the animals, both companion and wild animals, exotic and household pets, were destroyed.
And, why has PETA not filed their report for domesticated animals for 2006, yet? It was due back in January! Why has the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services [and aren't those two widely diverse groups to lump together?] not imposed some type of sanctions on this chapter of PETA, yet?

I'm just sayin'...


Kate said...

Hey Holly...your links take me to some log-in page instead of the articles I was expecting!

Crazy Baby Lainy said...

I couldn't read anything either.

I'd take a guess and say someone doesn't feel it's important enough to report the numbers. Keep us in the dark like the government does. Spineless asshats

phlegmfatale said...

"I think Fur is Murder, to clean. I said that at a party, one time. All the little PETA folks moved away from me, very slowly"

That's one of my favorite things about my dear Hols: the way you avoid controversy! These folks are pure-dee hypocrites, and if they're just putting animals down the way other shelters do, then why the holier-than-thou? The answer is because just like healthcare, just like so many other hot-button topics in our society, this is a power-grab. And to throw red paint on a fur coat with the public hand whilst putting down thousands of viable animals with the unseen hand, well, that makes them cocksuckers in my book. Not that there's anything wrong w/sucking cock, per se, it's just, ya know-- well, it ain't right to lie to the public about verifiable numbers. Yeah, let's see the 2006 numbers. Pony up, PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals.

g bro said...

I think someday Holly will be a character in a book, and there will be a section that says, "I knew she overheard, because she whirled on me with fire in her eyes and snarled, '(pithy expression of your choice)' " Good to see the fire coming back!

LaP, good to know.;-)

I have had sick cats euthanized. And I've taken them to the SPCA, where I expect that they wound up being euthanized. We've also found homes for a number, and all the neighbors know we keep a goodly number as well.

The last ime I heard "Fur is Murder" was a number of years ago when we went to an Advent service with my sister at the big Episcopal church in River Oaks. The Mrs. said, "All this fur, and me without my spray paint." Of course, it was Houston, and the temperature did not warrant dead animal skin. But how else do you let your rich neighbors know you spent $1000's on it?

g bro said...

Oh, yeah, how the hell did you manage to work RFK into that rant? Very creative!

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to see those #'s, but the link ain't workin. Anyhow, at my last house (in the country) we raised the occasional pig that was intended for the dinner table. House before that (in the city) I raised rabbits in the back yard ditto for the table. Turning pelts into fur ain't easy. So those people wearing fur should realize someone(s) (3rd world? Minimum wage?) did a lot of work. So there's another aspect of Fur being murder.