Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hi, Y'all!

Did you miss me? Well, you should've taken better aim!

Can you tell I'm feeling better? Yesterday, I only took 4 of the allowed 6 Ultram. That's quite an improvement from last week at this time. Trust me on that.

But I'm not gonna push my luck by staying up too long and writing a long blog, just wanted to let y'all know I'm doin' better.

When I run the spellcheck...it always wants to change my "gonna" to gonad. I find that incredibly amusing! That probably means something, but I just don't care.

There has been a commercial runnin' lately that makes me realize how much I treasure the Dearly Beloved, aside from the "earth moved/angels wept" sex of course. [had to throw that in to make our chirrens who read the blog go "EWWWWW!" and to try to raise my rating to at least a PG-13]
Anyway, in this commercial a woman opens a journal an reads an entry about her fibromyalgia. Well, she no sooner starts getting wound up in listing her pains and woes than DB and I say, in unison, "and then I went to the ED, and that mean old AD, wouldn't give me any Vicodins, or Demoral or Dialudid or nuthin'." Shortly after we started givin' this commercial the MST treatment, we started lookin' at each other. Then when we were finished we said, still lookin' at one another, "Get Out of My Head!"

How can I not adore a man who can get inside my head like that?


lainy said...

How sweet and scary! He really is a great guy and you two were made for each other.

Glad you're feeling better.


phlegmfatale said...

Hey you two-- GET A ROOM!


SO glad to see your bad self is posting a little bit. Lurves ya!

g bro said...

"MST treatment" - what's that?
Yeah, you girls always like us when you get your pain meds. That's scary. ;-)

HollyB said...

Mystery Science Theater...when the audience razzes the movie, making suggestions on how it could be better, while the movie is playing...