Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

That pretty much says it all.
Y'all have brought me so much joy and support and love [linky and other] during this year, that I want to give each and every one of you the metaphorical Christmas present of Peace, Health and Happiness all tied up in a bright shiny ribbon!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, has ALWAYS, back to my earliest memories, been my preferred day of celebration for this season.
DO NOT ask me "Why?" because I do not know. I think I'm just one of those geeks wired for anticipation.

Yesterday, I had the rare treat of seeing almost all of my nearest and dearest. I see the Dearly Beloved almost every day of the year, unless one of us is on a trip. But I got to see my Mother, my Beloved Angel Baby Girl and Tall Son last night. My Snot-Nosed StepSon grinned really big when he came over to drop off packages and pick up same to take out of town on his way to join up with the rest of his fam [the only part of my close circle I missed y'day]. He was grinning b/c I pointed out to him the small, red, glass heart I had attached to the straps of his gift bag. "That's so you'll know I really love you." My younger Step came, too, and shared food, fun and laughter. He had been here the day before and was asking for gift ideas. I gave him a couple. Instead of getting one or the other, the stinker got both!

I think he grooved on his novelty gifts. One was a "Wipe Away Your Sins Towelette". The other was about $50K in Hell Bank notes, in case the Towelette doesn't work, he'll be able to buy some ice water when he reaches his final destination.

I was able to reach my Mom and older Brother by phone y'day and I'll probably call both of them again this afternoon. What's the point of having flat rate long distance if you don't call everyone as much as you want?

Last night, my Favorite StepBro, his Wonderful Wife and oldest Daughter [who works at NASA, along with her baby Sis who is an Ass't Dep't Head at the Kennedy Space Center, nah, I'm not proud] came over. My chirren just adore them and the feeling is mutual. Their Daughter and Angel Baby Girl hadn't gotten to see each other in about 3 years. You can tell they are 1st cousins, tho! They way they talk about their Mothers, you'd think they were TWINS! They continued their trend in gifting of keeping me supplied with quality cookware.

I swear, Bro and I are gonna HAVE to open a restaurant. Between what we know together about cooking and the cookware we both have..., now all we need is financing. Oh, and my SiL can be the Bartender.

Speaking of... I need to go read the two new cookbooks I got for Christmas...later.


Crazy Baby Lainy said...

Glad you're having a great Christmas. Family is what it's all about..... the love and laughter.

Thinking of you.

phlegmfatale said...

YAY! Hol's Grubhouse! I can't wait!

I'm glad you're having such a lovely Christmastime.
Thinking of you. See you next week!