Friday, October 19, 2007

New Kid on the BlogRoll

With a couple of exceptions, every link on my blogroll is one I read every day. I want to call your attention to a VERY special new addition: Made a Difference with That One . May I introduce y'all to Dr. Chris. He's a Doc stationed in Balad, Iraq for the 2nd time. He is normally working @ Wilford Hall Med Ctr down in San Antonio. His page is pretty cool, at the bottom of every one, he has a list of videos, just short [a few seconds] ones he's shot, showing him and his environs there in the Sandbox. For you gunnies, there's even one of him shooting an M-4.
Please go by and take a read. He gets patients that run the gamut from toddlers with 50% - 3rd degree burns that he has to surgically debride every day to battle injured soldiers to insurgents they treat so they can then be held by ... so it makes for an interesting read.

I think I am most touched by his stories of the kids. And the story of the birth they attended. Mom was ...well go read his account of "The Blue Blanket".

Also, his wife took his letters home from his 1st tour and they self published a book. Part of the proceeds from that go to Fisher House. Now if you've never heard of Fisher's a place for families of wounded servicemen/women to stay while they are being treated in gov't. hospitals. So, buy the book.

And that's my plug for the day.

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Hey, Toots! Good to see you up and rolling again in fine form.