Thursday, October 18, 2007

First....and then

Talked to the Floozie in Mizzou this AM [barely, it was about 11:30]. She was is GREAT spirits! She said, and I am think this is a direct quote, "My boob hurts." But I don't think she really minded all that much b/c she was laughin' through most of the conversation. Must be the Vicodin. She swears the amnesiac effect that Versed has on me, doesn't effect HER the same way. She avers that SHE remembers EVERYTHING. Personally, I think that's what we in the Psych/SW field call "confabulation", but I'm not gonna argue with a Surgery Patient while they're on drugs. It's like trying to put lipstick on a pig. It just frustrates you and annoys the pig.

The important thing is that she's not feeling too uncomfortable, came through the surgery like the CHAMP she is, and is in "high" spirits. She'll be in an even better mood by now. KSA will have gotten home by now with the cream cheese for the Banana Nut Bread that Crazy Baby Lainy made just for Flo! Watch the comments to see if he was able to find the cream cheese in the tub that's laced with cinnamon. I was betting with his superior skills of analysis as an Engineer he'd be able to find it. Flo was bettin' that his Y chromosome would override the Engineering education. We'll have to see who was correct.

Now, Lainy brought more than one loaf of BNB. One loaf is in the freezer. But she told Flo that she didn't have to share. That's what I told her last week about the Deviled Eggs and the Peach Cobbler I made for her. She didn't have to share if she didn't want to. She is gettin' sooo spoiled.

When I talked to her on Sunday night I was about to make Creamed Chipped Beef for supper. Turns out she likes that, too. So I told her when she comes for NYE, I'll make that for her. Since the Dearly Beloved likes it, too I'll have to make a big batch. If KSA doesn't like it, I'll make sure there's left overs of something he DOES like so he doesn't feel left out.

One of my Mom's Docs told her she should get a recumbent Bicycle to ride every day in her living room. It wouldn't hurt the Dearly Beloved and I to be gettin' some exercise everyday, either. The recumbent feature would give us the back support we need while we do that. SO on my way home from some other errands today, I stopped at Recycled Sports. They had 4 Brand new scratch and dent models from which to choose. Some of the computers run on electricity and some run on batteries. The prices are in the range of $200 - $300. So looks like we'll be gettin' ourselves a Recumbent bike soon, if DB likes his test ride. I have to call my Steps to check on the one for Mom, tho. One of them may have found one for her already.

While I was there, I asked about used tennis balls for Ben and Tip. They were out. So I bought a used baseball and a used softball for them instead. Except for the cover, the baseball is still intact. The softball's cover was off within 10 minutes. It's string is now all over the living room floor. Tip is bored with it already. He's the one who got the cover off so quickly. I originally gave him the baseball and Ben the softball, but they traded, or should I say, Tip stole the softball from Ben, and then Ben grabbed the unattended baseball.

Boo, with her pretty white paws, is over there on the left, chewin' on a piece of softball cover. This is quite unusual. She normally only likes to chew on those cardboard rolls to which toilet paper is attached. Can y'all see all the string and those little chunks of white? Those are the destroyed bits of baseball and softball covers.

When the Dearly Beloved came to bed last night, he patted Tipper Sharpton's hip and said, "Yeah, that big yella dawg may be MY favorite, and that little brown dawg may be Mama's favorite...but look who's up HERE, laying in the best spot, next to Mama's butt and curled into the curve of her legs. Yeah, you've got it pretty good, don't you, Boy?" Tip didn't bother to answer DB, he just sighed. Ahh, to live the life of one of MY dawgs.


phlegmfatale said...

YAY! Great to hear Ms. Flo is so well on the path to recovery! Flo -while folks are of the mind to spoil you: wallow, darling. Wallow.

I'll have to give you some of the baseballs from the little league park next door. Mean old property manager confiscates them. Take that!

crazy baby lainy said...

Just thought I'd let everyone know Flo is doing good. She's still hurting some, but that's what the pain pills are for.

She completely forgot to ask KSA to bring the cream cheese. Never fear we have a list for him today and he's been so attentive to Flo it would bring tears to your eye's, so I'm sure he'll make sure to get the correct cream cheese.

I know she truly appreciates all of your thoughts and prayers.

Abby said...

Oh, to live the life of all our dogs! :)

What a wonderful pack! Are you SURE Boo isn't wearing socks? That could explain what Jack does with all the white socks he steals from us.