Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flo Update

The Floozie in Mizzou wants you all, especially AD, to know that her Boob STILL hurts!
Actually, it had started to fell a bit better, then... she went to the surgeon Thursday. She replaced the original catheter with a NEW and Improved cath. This one is about as big around as a straw, but the material is thicker. Flo said it also [and she knows AD is gonna make a joke about this] sticks out of her breast waaaay too far.

This is the catheter into which her radiation therapy will be administered next week. KSA will take her in 2x/day Monday through Friday starting tomorrow. The Radiation Oncologist will drop a radioactive "bead" down the catheter for 30 minutes. Then he'll take it out. He'll do this twice a day for those 5 days and she's done!

To me, this is nothing short of a medical miracle. I haven't kept up with the advances in Rad. Therapy, so all I knew about it was what my Nana went through 36 years ago. She had to go through a month of exposure. She had target lines drawn on her face and neck. The burn scars were still there when she died 16 years later.

So for Flo to have a week of treatment, with no burn scars and for that to effectively treat her just blows my mind.

Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming her way. She appreciates them all.


crazy baby lainy said...

Yes, all I've heard is my boob hurts. Poor baby. So many comebacks, but I just feel so sorry for all her body has been through, so I remain nice.

She's been a good girl, and a real trooper through all of it.

phlegmfatale said...

poor lamb!