Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wandering Thoughts Wednesday

I didn't post anything Monday because I was too busy writing 4 articles for Helium.

Tuesday, I was brain dead from writing 4 articles for Helium.

Today, I spent the morning on the phone tryin to solve a billing problem with an ISP/email service I haven't had for 3 frelling years! I can now tell y'all how Bill Gates got all that money. He got it $10.72 at a time. That's what MSN has been charging me for a service I cancelled by email at the end of 2004. I don't remember exactly when it was, but it was late in '04, I remember that. And I noticed this $10.72 on my checking account statement and kept meaning to call in and cancel it. Just kept slipping my mind.

When I did get around to calling...The geniuses at MSN recognized my phone # and told me that I was now a Verizon Broadband customer and routed me to Verizon's Customer Service center, in INDIA. I tried tellin them I had cancelled Verizon service in January of this year and what I really needed was a Customer service number for Microsoft.

The first brainiac I talked to, after insisting on taking all sorts of useless information, instead of taking my word that I wasn't a Verizon customer, told me she couldn't help me. She had no number for Microsoft.

So I called my Bank, they were VERY helpful. They agreed to stop payments, at no charge, on any more payments to MSN and to try to recover the last 2 payments. BUT, I have to cancel my check card and get a new one. That means I have to write paper checks for 10 days. UGH Just let the floggin' begin.

Then I thought, well, why can't I just go to Microsoft's home page and find an 800 #. Oh, yeah, like they are gonna be THAT helpful. I finally found a general Customer Support #. Called it and that's when I found out that holly76210@msn was the account I was still bein' charged for. That is $10.72 x 36 months = $385.92. I am SUCH an IDIOT. Anyway, at least BG won't get anyMORE of my money.

Oh, those of you who read LaP...I have decided if I sell tow of the articles I wrote on Helium Monday, the two about Tax Deductions [those were the brain drainers] I'm gonna buy those Mauve/Pink Wingtips! She clued me in to the secret to getting them in a wide order them in a man's size. Those are 2 sizes smaller than a woman's size but wider. So for my 8.5 [which would be 9 since Fluevogs come in whole sizes]woman's foot, I would order a Man's 7. SO keep your finger's crossed. The deadline on those articles was a real soft deadline. It said Oct.12, but they were still accepting submissions on the 29th so no telling WHEN they'll pick the ones they are gonna publish.

Since today is Halloween, you know what that means, right? Candy goes on sale tomorrow! And I am actually gonna get up early so I can get lots of it. I am sending candy to Dr. Chris and to an occifer's name I got at The occifer will then give the candy and other goodies to a troop who doesn't get mail or packages from home.
You can get Dr. Chris' addy by going to his blog...the link is over in my Links to your right. Just keep reading the blog entries till you come to one with his address at the bottom.

You can go to: or if you prefer a Soldier, Sailor, or Airman, you can type that in place of the word Marine. That will get you to the page for addresses. You WILL have to give up some personal info. But, you can send mail to a male or female service person, from any state in any area where we have troops. You don't have to send packages. Letters or cards will be just fine. Just knowing that there are folks back here in "the World" who care means a lot to our troops, especially the ones who aren't getting much or any mail from fam or friends.

So, please do what you can to show you care. And I know there are a BUNCH of y'all that DO care. Don't forget that the Marine Corps Birthday is coming up on November 10. Veteran's Day is, of course, the next day, November 11. A donation to your local VFW, American Legion, or better yet, a visit to the local V.A. hospital would be an appropriate way to honor our Nation's veterans. They have given so much to and for our country, the very least we can do is to make a token gift of thanks once a year.

And that's all I can write today, I have a TON of errands waiting to be run.


J.R.Shirley said...

Bless you, Holly. I'll never forget your support.

phlegmfatale said...

I do SO hope you sell those Helium articles - I really wanna see you in those 'Vogs.

Thanks for the link - I'll definitely be sending an encouragin' word to some military folk I meet through that network.