Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy Canine Candid Camera Night

Somehow, we have let the Dawgs, well the BOYS anyway, take toys outside. I think Tipper Sharpton has been burying them, frankly. We simply cannot find them. My theory is that Ben smuggles them out in his gigantic maw. He can easily hide a "squeaky" ball from Petsmart in his mouth and jowls, with no effort atall. The smaller Nylabone brand Rhino cones that were supposed to be for Tipper, but wound up being shared toys, those would be easy for Ben or Tip to smuggle out.

Why is Boo not a suspect in these canine capers? Because my Sweet Boo Girl would NEVER do something bad like that. Besides about the only this she ever chews on, besides the occasional softball cover, are the cardboard tubes for paper towels or toilet paper.

So anyway, after reading about the Bad Cuz brand squeaker chews over at Bad Dogs I bought a small one today for the Tip Baby. And as soon as I made it squeak, the battle was ON!

Tip has it! And he's almost under the table with it. He thinks Ben can't get to him under the table.

But,Wait! Ben is making the Cuz

go "squeak,squeak." He must have
stolen it from poor Tip when it
bounced out of his mouth.

Below, he makes his approach...

He fakes left...

And, He successfully recovers the Cuz!

It went on like that for a couple of hours.

THEN, I got down on the floor with them, for these shots. Thanks to the Dearly Beloved for handling the Camera so I could be in the pics!

Why should Tipper sit on the hard floor when
Mama's belly is soooo much softer?
What may not be evident is that he's trying to nuzzle Ben's
ear, tryin' to "sweet" him outta that squeaky Cuz.

So, I roll over to protect my belly. He just sits on my back! Ben still has the Cuz, BTW.

Boo decides she wants no further part in any of this...her eyes, which really are gorgeous, the left one is ICE blue and the right is green, always wind up looking Werewolf Red in pics. I think that's why she doesn't like having her picture taken.

That's tip's head blotting out my face.

Tipper looks like he's being all submissive and relaxed, doesn't he? Well, he's NOT. What he was doing was oochin' his way towards Ben and using his front paws, once he got close enough, to try to bat the Cuz out of Ben's mouth.
This bothered Ben not a whit. You see in addition to a "Tail o' Destruction" Ben has "Jaws o'Death". I would really like to measure his bite strength someday, just to see how many pounds per inch [?] foot [?] he actually exerts when he's chewing on something. This dog took about 20 minutes, I didn't actually time him, to chew a Booda toy for his weight into about 5 pieces. He has destroyed Kong toys. So far the ONLY toy to stand up to the JoD are Nylabone's Rhino series. They make a chew toy similar to the Kongs that he can't destroy. He [or Tipper] can bury them, but he can't destroy them.

Oh yeah, both Tipper and Ben can put their front paws on my shoulders when I'm standing. I'm 5'9". Kelly, although I don't think you can tell in these pics...when both boys are standing, you can see their last two ribs now. I cut their kibble by 1/2 cup per day and as active as they are the pounds melted off.

I hope y'all enjoyed lookin' at these pics as much as we enjoyed takin' 'em.


crazy baby lainy said...

How cute they are! I bet they run the house.

You are so blessed and they are so adorable.

Tip sure did get big! WOW!

Chris said...


The dogs are so cute! I love the name Tipper. I'm sure they love it when you git down with them! Made me miss my pooch!

Take care,


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Love it. I miss havin' a dog.

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah, LOVED those pics (CAN't believe it's been since the 21st since I've been in here!) and especially the ones of you wallering around with them. Miss Boo is camera shy because she's a very serious lady and doesn't go in for nonsense such as vanity and other trifles.
omg re: the kong and Ben's formidable jaws - I didn't know the Kongs COULD be destroyed? Wow.