Monday, October 22, 2007

Flo Update

I talked to Crazy Baby Lainy on Sunday afternoon. She said Flo is recovering fine and her spirits are good.
She is still sore as hell and tires easily, but let's think about this for a minute, ok? If this was the second time YOU had been stabbed, because that's basically what surgery is, after all, it's getting stabbed, under controlled conditions with a sterile instrument. If this was the second time YOU had been stabbed in as many months, in the SAME spot, don't you imagine YOUR body would be sayin' something along the lines of, "Just wait a GOL DARN Minute, here. You are asking that SOB to cut me open, AGAIN? OK, Fine! But it's gonna cost you,this time, Be-Atch. I am gonna complain. I am gonna be REAL sore. I am Demanding more Rest. You are not gonna do Diddly SQUAT without hearing about it from ME for a While. Capiche?"

I mean really. She is my Younger Sister, but she's not That much younger. I know how tired I was after just having pins put in my finger. And this surgery was her 2nd one and we all know a breast is a lot bigger and a lot more sensitive that a finger. SO...give her some time to really get her strength back and get back on her feet. In the meantime, Lainy and I will keep you updated and entertained.

Lainy, the sweetheart, drove her to her usual Friday morning breakfast with the "girls". She enjoyed the camaraderie, but the pain and fatigue made her go home after a short while. Still, I think it's a good sign that she was willing to leave the house so soon. She also went to church on Saturday, and I know that did her spirit good. She has enough faith for all of us Sisters. But she slept from early last night til late this morning, so I KNOW it tired her out.

She wants you all to know how much she appreciates your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers. Please keep those prayers and wishes rolling her way, she needs the support for her healing process.

More News as it becomes available...

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Flo said...

Thanks for explaining why I'm so tired in a way that makes sense. Nurse Ratchet is not doing a very good job and doesn't have much patience with me. However, MY breast is not that much bigger than a finger, so I don't know why it's bitchin' so much.

"Oochin'?" Is that a real word? "Oochin'?"

Those pics were too funny!

Thanks for keeping everyone updated, and yes, I do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers!

Ambulance Driver said...

"...and we all know a breast is a lot bigger and a lot more sensitive that a finger."

So many straight lines, so many openings...

...and so little time.

Holly, why must you tempt me so? ;)

Good to know Flo is somewhat on the mend, though.

Kate said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Holly!

Holly said...

Flo, "oochin" IS SO a word, have you never been on your back and tried to move yourself in the direction of your head using your shoulders and hipbones for propulsion? THAT motion is called "oochin"!

AD, You KNOW that was a typo, would "...a lot more sensitive THAN a finger." still be considered a straight line? Cause I've been thinkin' on this all afternoon and evenin' and I must not have as funny or as dirty a mind as I used to...I haven't come up with anythin'.
So I wasn't doin' it deliberately, AD, it just sorta happened.

Kate, my pleasure.

phlegmfatale said...

Still thinking of Flo...