Wednesday, September 05, 2007

With NO More Delay, I Present...

I am so lovin' the weather this week. We've been having overnight lows in the mid-70's and daytime highs in the upper 80's. After the brutal heat and dryness of August, and I'm not complainin', merely observin', this is a nice change. We've even had some scattered rain. And Friday there's a 70% chance of rain.

Tip has a new trick! He has learned to climb, not jump, onto the bed. He has some kind of mental block against jumping onto anything. And do NOT try to tell me it's because of his gettin' clipped 10 days ago. He was that way BEFORE surgery, smarty-pants! I'll try to get a pic so y'all can see him stretched out in all his glory.

The Doc drained a bunch of goo out of the Bursa of my R. knee and injected some Cortisone. The MRI I had last week showed that the fall I took last month aggravated the underlying arthritic changes in the joint, but I had damage to the bursa. I won't bore y'all with any more details, at this point. I'm just hopin' the Cortisone does the trick, cause the other option ain't pretty.

In fact, I told Doc B one of the reasons I like him so much is his conservative approach. He's not one of these Dr.s who thinks, "A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure!" He chuckled and said, "Yeah, well that's why I'm not driving a Mercedes." I retorted, "Yeah, well, it's hard to drive a Mercedes through a cow pasture without gettin' it all scratched up." See, a couple of weekends ago he was down at his deer lease putting a/c in the trailers, you know, doing some honest work for a change.

I was gonna post this Wednesday night...except there's a 'puter hawg in my house. I gave it up a little before 10 to make a phone call and never got it back. We have GOT to get a laptop so I can use the laptop when I'm out of town as well as when my Dearly Beloved is using the Desktop.

About that picture...did y'all actually think I was gonna post a REAL picture of the Ambulance Driver? Pshaw! You should know ME better than that by now. See ya!


Flo said...

A bunch of goo...oh yeah, takes me right back to those days in the ER. Such fond memories. Or maybe not. But I'd take goo over puke any day.

I think I'm going to color AD in mellow yellow. ;-)

carzy baby lainy said...

I knew you wouldn't post a " real" picture of AD. Just had to be funny, didn't you? ;)

Hope the knee gets to feeling better.

I'd love to see Tipper jump. How cute!

phlegmfatale said...

OMG - I TOTALLY woulda drove to yer town and bought you lunch just to watch your doc drain GOO out of your knee. I'm feeling tingly all over!

Rabbit said...

Yum. Serosanguinous synovial goo.

Marcaine and cortisone ought to make you feel a lot better when putting some weight back on it.

Was there any mention of putting some Synvisc in there later on? I've seen some positive results with cartilage degeneration situations with it. Might be a good path to take before getting serious about surgery, sould it come to that.


Babs RN said...

It's a good pic, though. I like it. :)

Holly said...

Thanks for the suggestion of the Synvisc. I LOVE that stuff! I had a series of 3 injections in the Spring of '06. With the weight I lost between then and now I didn't feel the need for it, b/c I wasn't having pain, until this fall.
I'm sure if Major thought the Synvisc would do the trick again, he'd shoot me up again. He's not shy with those long-assed needles.
But thanks for thinkin' to mention it.

LaP, you would have been in absolute HOG Heaven, Girl! First he shot me up with somethin' to numb it, then he used the BIG needle and the BIG syringe to draw out the GOO! I forgot about your fetish or I twould have invited you. I'll invite you if it swells back up, how's that?