Monday, September 03, 2007

Social Work Blog

I just created the SoWk blog and wrote my Introductory post.
I decided to combine my favorite name and AD's suggestion, with one word modification.
the title is :
No BS from a BSW
I'm not a Social Worker, but I played one at the office
I think it's kinda catchy. When I told AD about it at lunch, in P----, today HE seemed to get a kick out of it.
Yeppers, y'all read that right! The Dearly Beloved, MattG [my SNSS*] and I got together with the One and Only Ambulance Driver at R-----s Cafe. A good lunch was had by all. AD regaled us with stories. And I brought home everyone's leftovers for the doggies. As is our usual custom, I asked for and got a "bag of bones" and the babies are in Heaven and will be for several days! The cafe is actually a Steakhouse. If you ask nicely you can take home a bunch of steak bones for your dogs. You wouldn't believe how much meat some folks leave on their plate still attached to the bone! But, heck, the dogs are lovin' it.
And for those of who are interested, Tipper Sharpton is doin' fine. His little 'snip' doesn't seem to have effected him at all! He is as full of piss and vinegar as he ever was. I had to give him Children's Benadryl Monday night and Tuesday morning just to keep him from jumping around like he wanted to do. I was afraid he would rip his stitches. Finally, I just gave up and kept him in the small bathroom a LOT for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday I guessed that he was healed enough to romp about.
The E-collar didn't slow him down any, either, I am here to tell you. He would run down the hall and when it was time to make a turn, he wouldn't allow for the extra width of that big collar, he'd just bend it, or gouge the wall. There are chunks of missing sheet rock all over the house! Finally, after he cracked a plug plate, I gave up and removed the E-collar for good.
I'm just grateful that it's been a week and the stitches are fully absorbed now and I no longer have to stretch his legs apart and pour hydrogen peroxide on the incision. His claws are sharp, even after I trimmed them!
Oh! almost forgot...who wants to see a pic of AD?
*Snot-Nosed-Step-Son, a little joke between us, since I am called the ESM, for Evil Step Mother


Farmgirl said...

ooo oooo I want to see! I want to see!

And yay for Tipper Sharpton being healed up!

And yay for all the other stuff too!

carzy baby lainy said...

Oh, please do show us a pic of the famous AD. I bet he won't let you!

Glad you're back and feeling better.

Go Tipper, go!

Anonymous said...

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Ambulance Driver said...

Blog up for one day, and already your first spam comment. Oh happy day!

And ahhhh, show my pic if you want, I don't care. There's already one on my blog, anyway.

phlegmfatale said...

SoWk Blog sounds (and LOOKS) great!!! Good on you, honey! I know you're going to have a good time and help some folks along, too. Everybody wins!

Glad Tipperary is doing better.

Wow - sounds like fun meeting AD & all. Yeah, pictures, please!

Glad you had a nice holiday.

Farmgirl said...

Congrats on getting it up and going, Holly! I've been peeking at both blogs but haven't slowed down long enough to comment here until now.

Although I did consider a joke comment on the other one all about how I have to work with this huge guy in my classes that just won't cooperate with me, fights me every step of the way and has been known to leave bruises... but I figured it would be in bad taste, especially if I left it anonymous.... If you know what's going on you know its a joke but it sounds horrible if you don't know whats up, lol.

crazy baby lainy said...

I've been checking both blogs as well. Great job, Holly!