Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Road to Hell Is Paved...

with good intentions, and so are my intentions to post here e/o day. But I got busy posting on the Other Blog. Then I was writing a practice piece just to limber up my mind for some pieces I'm writing on spec for publication. After that, I was just too pooped to pop over here and post anything. I'll try to make it up by posting my practice piece here for your comments.

This isn't the exact format they wanted. I wrote this on a subject and in a manner that would loosen up my mind and get those creative juices flowing. Let me know what you think, be honest, brutal if you must. I appreciate constructive criticism, but don't rag on me just b/c you can.

This list of “The Ten Favorite Southern Pies” was easy to write. I've lived in the South all my life, so this was like breathin'.
Let's count 'em down like David Letterman does, OK?
10. Sweet Potato Pie : the favorite of farm folk or the grandchildren of farm folk all over the South.
9. Any Kind of Chocolate Pie: Chiffon, Silk, Meringue, Icebox... we don't care. As long as that pie has chocolate, we're happy campers.
8. Any Pie with the name of a Southern State in it: Kentucky Derby Pie; Texas Tipsy Pie [with Kahlua], y'all get the picture?
7.Chess Pie: My Aunt FayeBelle loved this type of custard pie. I don't know if it was the cornmeal in the filling or the cake flour she used to make the crust.
6. Strawberry Pie: because eatin' this pie with whipped cream just makes you feel cooler durin' the Summer!
5. Peach Pie: it's a rite of Summah, Dahlin'.
4. Pecan Pie: it's pronounced pa' cahn, y'all, not pee-can.
3. Jeff Davis Pie: DUH! It's named for the President of the Confederacy!
2. Any Fried Pie: I'm not talking about the store bought kind with that inch thick crust. No, I mean the kind your Mama or Great Aunt fries up in her kitchen out of homemade pie crust dough that's rolled out to within a quarter inch of its very life. Then she fills it with homemade preserves, my favorite is Apricot. Then she fries it just until it's golden brown. OH, now that is HEAVEN!
1. Every TRUE Southerner will tell you, that without a doubt, their favorite Pie is: Cobbler. AS long as it has a “pie crust” crust and not that abomination of cake batter that some cooks try to pass off as Cobbler Crust. But that's another article.
These are the favorite pies of a True Southerner.


Kate said...

This was pure torture for someone who just went back to Weight Watchers!

Holly said...

I guess I reached my target audience then, Kate. Thanks for the feedback.

Flo said...

Don't y'all make punkin-squash or banana meringue down there?

So when is the cook off for me to decide my favorite pie?

phlegmfatale said...

what a heavenly little interlude that was! I would have put the homemade fried pie and cobbler at the very top of the list, too. Make that blackberry cobbler, for me. Yum. I can taste it, just thinking about it.

Matt G said...

-Blackberry (pie)
-Peach (tart)
-Granny Smith Apple Pie (with a slice of cheddar cheese)
-High-quality coconut creme
-Blackberry (cobbler)
-Pear with dark chocolate bits
-Chicken pot