Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flo NEEDS Your Sympathy

I've been waitin' since Friday for her to post sumthin' sumthin' about her injury, but I guess the temporary disability of one of her phalanges is preventing her from operatin' the keyboard. You see, when I called her to get a little sympathy for my Sting on Friday and to talk for a bit to her and Crazy Baby [aka Lainy] I found my measly little blood blister trumped by stitches! But I did get sympathy. Not as much as I gave, mind ya', but still...I'll take what I can get.
But Flo put me on "speaker" so she, Crazy Baby and I could have a three way conversation. And boy howdee, we talked for close to 2 hours. Good thing I have that free long distance thing, huh? Now that I've been to Flo's version of the Taj Mahal, I could even visualize them as we were carryin' on this conversation. Flo's office, the view out the windows to the patio when CB went out to smoke two cigs @ a time; the bookcases in the background; the view out the OTHER wall of windows as she came back from the kitchen with a drink; that incredible kitchen with the cabinets and counter space I would KILL for; the finger slicin' knife set in the Killer Kitchen.
Oh, speakin' of the knife set... it's her son's fault that she hurt herself. Well, her son and KSA. Her son b/c he supplied the knife and KSA for distractin' her while she was usin' the knife. And maybe CB, just a little, for wantin' a Key Lime Pie so that Flo had to cut the Key Limes in the first place. See when I was there I didn't make her cut up any limes, now did I?
So go over to Flyin' Flo's Forum and give the Brave Flo some sympathy so maybe she'll heal faster, mkay?


lainy said...

Hey! She got a little sympathy from me. I refused to let her cook or do dishes. That's all she's gettin' from me.

I was asked " Do you like Key Lime Pie" and said yes. I didn't KNOW she would make me one. Sweet thought though.

Guess I'll go over and give her sympathy and hell for gettin' 5 stitches since, once again, it's my fault.

Flo said...

ROFLOL I like your version much better. I should have checked here before I posted mine.

Once the swelling and contusions go down and I'm not so squeamish, I'll take pics...for Phlegm, of course!

lainy said...

Flo- I'll bet you like her version better, you wicked she devil!!!!!!!!

phlegmfatale said...

Well, you know, you DID have bolts through your finger until, like, 5 minutes ago, so you're un-trumpable for a wee bit. Still, poor Flo.