Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Overloaded with Blogfodder

Dang, I ran my blog trot line this mornin' and I have TOO much blogfodder! Where do I start?
Well, alphabetically is the way I am gonna go with. [the bold does not indicate a link, the links are all over on the right.]
Ambulance Driver is in a bad mood. Follow the link to your right and go give him a cyber hug. He needs it. Babs RN is being added to my links. She is just a "peach" of a gal. I think y'all will enjoy readin' her stuff. Plus, she just added a ferret to her household, those are some kinda funny stories. Go give MattG, my SNSS, a hard time for not posting his part of the collaborative story now that the move is finished. You'll find him @ Better and Better. The Fabulous La P has a blog up about goin' shootin' with DB and me y'day. I'll be bloggin' about that later. I talked to Flo this mornin' and she assures me she's gonna blog soon about the UPS package she got y'day with her b'day presents I forgot to take up there on my recent trip. [*new link alert*]AD had linked to a ranter named JayG. I went over and gave him a read. Funny guy. Shooter could use some encouragement right now, so go give the guy a cyber- pat on the back, mkay? Turns out Tam has a girly weak spot...go check out Tamzilla vs Mothra, I was lmao. And if John's Wandering Thoughts should turn to tutoring the baby laser taggers, I think he could have found a way to pay for grad school.

Now, leaving those comments and reading those other blogs should keep y'all busy while I write about LaP and her range trip.

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