Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

It's been an interesting week. As in that Chinese curse...May You Live in Interesting Times.
Y'all remember last week when I told you the Doc wanted me to move those dang pins so I could clean all around the base where they went into my "poor, baby, pinky" finger? Well, I did. Even though the middle one was stubborn as a Country Mule. The others moved like Doc had squirted WD-40 down in there, but that middle just plumb HURT to move it. But I followed instructions, like a good little patient.
Yesterday, the Dearly Beloved, LaPhlegm and I went to the office so he could pull 'em out. I told him LaP was my personal photographer, but if it was OK, she'd like to pull one of them out. However, when she saw how much trouble he had with the the middle one, she decided not to risk hurting me and just took pics, instead.
Of course, since I was sitting on the edge of the table, he had to tease me about passin' out and fallin' backwards. Dearly Beloved had been teasin' about that very thing while we were waitin' on Doc to make his appearance. But when the chips were down, he came over and stood behind me, just in case. Gawd, I LOVE that man! Since I was anxious and was deep breathin' to stay calm...Doc deadpanned, "Holly, it's not that kind of delivery."
Except for the middle pin, which he removed first, they came out slick as owl snot [how do you know how slick owl snot is?]. And there was NO pain. I even turned my head back around to watch him take the bottom one out.

I told him I wanted to keep them. So he dropped the little sharp pointed, L-shaped thingys into my palm. I told him the Lucious LaPhlegm makes jewelry and I might have her turn one of them into a piece of frippery. The other two, I'm thinkin' of embeddin' or encasin' in hard rubber to use as "Doggie Attention Gettin' Devices". Don't get your Vickies in a Twist! Taps o the snout only, when they aren't listen'.
Or when they won't leave Boo alone. Ben has a bad habit of tryin'to hump her face, and he will NOT listen to reason when so engaged.

Before goin' to the Doc, I had lunch with DossieRe. We hadn't seen each other in a while so we had tons of catchin' up to do. We talked about our kids, husbands, steps, mutual friends, history, shared good food, laughter and a few tears. I was too stuffed from the salad, shared appetizer and my entree' to have dessert, so I just contented myself with some Decaf Cappuccino.

After the Doc, LaPhlegm and I went over to The Greenhouse and shared food and drink. I ordered a Vodka, Chambourd and pineapple concoction and LaP started off with a Harp's. Well, turned out my drink tasted like cough syrup to me, so we traded. Isn't it great when a friend likes what you order when you don't? I had much better luck with my second foray into their drink menu: a Mango Martini...with no gin or vermouth. No, this "Martini" was made with Mango Rum and the Captain. Yummy! And we talked about so many issues, great and small, grand and glorious, divine and mundane.

AS I started writing this I was listening to a Josh Turner Cd I just downloaded onto the computer. If you haven't heard "Your Man", go buy it! So many great tracks. I don't know anything about Turner's background, but I think, like a lot of Southern singers he was influenced by Gospel. This Cd has a tune titled "Me and God" and it's what I like to think of as a Country Folk Gospel song. It's one of those songs you can sing along and feel so comfortable while you're singin'. "Long Black Train"was like that for me, too.

Now, Imogen Heap is playin' so I decide which tracks from her "Speak for Yourself" CD to put on a mix CD. ThenI have to decide which Amy Winehouse to put on the same Chick Music CD.
See, Dearly Beloved and I are leavin' next Tuesday on a road trip. Now, those of you who know me, know that I cannot travel without tunes. When I'm drivin' Mom's car, I pack some of my old cassette tapes to play in her car. I just find it so much easier to drive if I don't have to rely on random radio music.

I gotta go burn some CDs.


Squeaky Wheel said...

I'm fairly disappointed to not see photos of the extraction. Does that make me insane?

Mark said...

Me too, and I have 7 kids so I KNOW I'm insane.... :)

HollyB said...

Squeaky, when LaPhlegm posts them, I'll let you know. I'm so scattered these days, I had to go ahead and write about this before I forgot the details.

Mark, when my chirrens were small I HAD to have music to drown out the "He touched me; She looked at me; He's THINKIN' about me!" I swan..they actually SAID that!

phlegmfatale said...

You know, I had such a grand time with you on Wednesday. We need to make more of a point to get some girl time together. I think it's therapeutic for both of us. I'll be thinking of y'all tomorrow. You have a safe trip, a lovely 4th, and why the heck not make it a long trip if the urge strikes? You free and over 21, among other things. Y'all have a good time, and we'll all see ya back here when you get home.
Love ya!