Saturday, June 16, 2007

Belated B'day Post

This is an interesting MeMe I found over on somebody else's blog and I don't even remember who's blog it was b/c it was back in May and I can't remember back that far!
Anyway you go to Wikipedia, look up your birthday, just the month and day, not the year. Then you pick 3 events, 2 births, 1 death and 1 holiday to share with your readers.

Here's what I found interesting that happened on June 9:

3 events:
1732- James Oglethorpe is granted royal charter for the colony of Georgia;
1967 - Israel captures Golan Heights from Syria during the Six-Day War;
1973 - Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.
{ Now, I actually Remember the last two events, CLEARLY. Can't remember where I read something last MONTH, but I can remember an historical event that occurred when I was 12 y.o.}

2 Births:
1915 - Les Paul, guitarist
1981 - Natalie Portman, actress

1 Death:
1870 - Charles Dickens

1 Holiday:
Roman Empire - 3rd day of the Vestalia, in honor of Goddess Vesta who ruled the hearth, home and family.

So that's the Birthday MeMe. I thought it was fun. I also think it' gives y'all a look at how my twisted mind works. You can go to Wiki and look up June 9 and see all the same stuff I did and wonder, "Why on God's Green Earth did she pick THAT stuff?"


phlegmfatale said...

Cool birthday facts! I'm so glad that day is on the calendar because that's how we got you! Love ya, babe. So glad you're back!

g bro said...

Not my BD, but I'll chime in anyway:

3 Events

1955 - American Civil Rights Movement: In Montgomery, Alabama, seamstress Rosa Parks refuses to give her bus seat to a white man and is arrested.
1913 - Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line.
1420 - Henry V of England enters Paris. (What, on a shopping trip? Holly, get Phlegmmy, we're going to get some shoes!)

Two Births: Richard Pryor (1940) and Woody Allen (1935)out of a distinguished class of many.

One Death: I'll go with Henry I of England.

One Holiday: the Feast Day of St. Eligius.

HollyB said...

aw, say the sweetest things.
you got some kewl happenings! And I'm up for the shopping trip, and you KNOW LaPhlegm is on board! When do we leave?

Fathairybastard said...

Happy belated Birthday, and many more.