Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Am Touched

...not in the head, you smart-alecks. No, another Blogger sent me an e-mail this morning. She had heard on the news about the storms N. Texas had y'day and wanted to check on me and mine. That was so sweet. I was genuinely touched. Thanks again, Lovi.

Texas Weather, as I'm sure it can be in some other places, is just on the freaky-fluky. And I'm not talkin' about Twisters; they are supposed to be freaky, that's the nature of the "beast". No, I mean things like rain and thunder-boomers. Some towns seem to sit inside a "dry" zone. My town is in one of them. Dallas and Ft.Worth and all their 'burbs will get rain, thunderboomers, high winds, hail, tornadoes, and all other weather catastrophes, and we'll sit here in _____, high and dry. We're in part of that 50 year drought zone, we Need that rain, but we don't get it when all around us are gettin' frog stranglin' rains. But last night was a different story. Two BIG cells moved over us and dumped a bunch o' that wet stuff all over town.

The first cell moved through around 5:30 p.m and had high winds, hail and lots of rain...for about 10 minutes. A couple of hours later a second cell moved through. The rain wasn't as heavy, but it lasted longer...probably thirty or 45 minutes. No high winds or hail accompanied this second cell in my part of town. I haven't talked to anyone who lives elsewhere in town, so I can't report on what might have occurred out on the edges I town. I live in the middle of town, you see.
I guess it's time to explain. I always talk about "My Little Town". That's the way I think of it. When I moved here from Dallas in December 1978, it was a little town. But last Monday, the Dearly Beloved read me an item in a City Report that estimated our latest population figure at 107K. We ain't a "little" town anymore. That makes me nostalgic. It also explains the horrific traffic. We are not now, nor have we ever been, a 'burb of Dall"ass" or Foat Wurth. A fact for which I shall be eternally grateful.
For a while the Dearly Beloved and I have talked about buying a house and some land in Terlingua. Knowing the reality of the growth's lookin' better and better. Maybe we'll go out there and take a serious look. Maybe we could live out there part-time and live here part-time. At least that would give us a break from the hustle and bustle of livin' in a not so little town.


phlegmfatale said...

Oh, yeah, definitely you and DB need to get a house in Terlingua. You'd have lower cost of living for the time you stayed out there, and you could let a friend from Dall"ass" ply you with supplies from the big city so she could come get away from it all and hang around at your groovy Wild West family manse. Just an ideer I had, was all. ...that you might know someone who would keep you stocked in post-toasties and the latest issue of the Dallas Observer... It could happen.

jrshirley said...

Terlingua...Huh. Might not be a bad place to fall back to.

No famous novelists or historians there yet, right? Maybe.

HollyB said...

well, Allen Wayne Damron was kinda famous in some circles...he lived in Terlingua part-time for years, then full time the last several years of his life. And he was a "singin'" historian of sorts.
But no Historians of your kind have lived in Terlingua, that I know of. Then again, I'm not an expert. But, tiny as it is, I know they'd enjoy havin' you and the J-girl as new residents.