Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Goodness, It been a BUSY Week

I couldn't really tell you what all I've done, but I've been busy.
Busy as a one-armed paper hanger. OOPS! I better watch out, the Disabled Police will come after me, if I don't immediately apologize. But, you know what...since I AM disabled, they can take a flyin' leap at a rollin' doughnut and kiss my arse while they are at it.
You know what else I'm tired of, I'm tired of the Racist Double Standard in this country, that's what else I'm tired of. Don Imus made some unwise, remarks on his radio show last week and the man is bein' friggin' crucified! Now if Chris Rock, the late Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or any Rap or Hip Hop artist, Black or White, currently recording had made those same remarks, no one would have made a peep. But let an older White guy say it, and you'd think he had called Rosa Parks a "Nigger Crack Whore". I say, muzzle your own dahm entertainers before you start vilifying long-time, highly-rated WHITE entertainers for mimicking black entertainers. And don't parade your tattooed, pierced, athletes on stage in a nationally broadcast press conference in their best bib and tucker and try to pass them off as debutantes. If you're gonna do that, work on their Diction and comportment. If they can't walk across the stage without draggin' their knuckles on the floor and can't introduce themselves without mumbling, they need to work on their social skills.
I've never been an Imus fan, myself, but I don't like to see anybody pilloried by racists. I have also heard people dredging up something Imus is supposed to have said 20 years ago. Give me a freakin' break. Give HIM a break. Do YOU want to be held accountable for what YOU said, what epitaphs you used 20 yrs ago? I know I am not pristine enough to stand up to that kind of scrutiny. Who is? Hell, Jesse Jackson used the words "hymie" and "Hymie-Town" to describe Jews and "Jew York", so when is the Media gonna Nail HIM to a Cross? And while we're talking about Jesse, how IS that child he had with a woman not his wife? Is he makin' those support payments? And did that have any effect on his ordination as a "Minister" a "Man of God"?

OK, enough politics.....

I read a LOT of blogs everyday, and I comment on the ones that interest me. I understand the need other authors feel to have word verification to keep the spammers out, really I do. But Jeez-O-Pete, it is a pain in the tushy to type in those letters all jammed together. Half the time I miss one or can't tell whatthehellit'ssupposedtobebecauseyoucan'ttelltheqfromthegorthejfromtheiorthe
see what I mean? It is a plain double dawg bi+ch, ain't it? If you have the time, and I KNOW some of you do, when you go back to read comments, delete the spam! Give your legit commenters a break, especially the ones with the less than 100% vision, we will all bless you and thank you. I promise you.

As I've been writing all this there has been a new addition to our household keeping my left foot warm. The exterminators were here this morning to kill our termite colonies. They were MOST understanding abut Ben and Boo. The female part of the team even wanted Ben to be let out of his "jail" before they left in order to pet him some more. She and I were talking dawgs while the Dearly Beloved and the male part of the team were talking shooting. It came to light that she had a puppy she needed to give away. Her Boxer bitch had been taken advantage of by one of her Pointers. And she had this 8 week old puppy, completely weaned, been eatin' puppy chow, used to bein' around big dogs, sweet little thing, and would I like to see him. At the same time I said "Yes", the Dearly Beloved said, "No". Then the Dearly Beloved went back to his conversation and she and I kept talkin'. Well, she came back late this afternoon with the pup.

His name, after much discussion and different trials, is "Tip". He's black, but he has a tip of white on all 4 paws, the tip of his tail, and the right tip of his nose. He also has a white blaze from his chin to his chest. He is just adorable, a great foot warmer and a fairly good lap warmer. But I fear we can't do too much lap holding. He won't be small enough to be a lap dog very long. Ben and Boo are adjusting nicely. Boo has only growled at him when he tried to touch her paws, but she does that with Ben, too. They want to play, and he wants to play, it just hasn't happened at the same time, yet. But I am confident that will happen. They are all good dawgs.


lainy said...

When do we get pictures?

phlegmfatale said...

Great post, Hols!

I'm in accord - the double-standard is grating, at best. What about the trumped-up bullshit circus Al Sharpton promoted with the Tawanna Brawley thing-- remember that??? Al Sharpton believes he should be forgiven for racist, life-destroying accusations that turned out to be complete LIES, and yet they go off on a guy who actually has spent MILLION$ of his own to help poor black kids? That's fucked up.

Oh, and on word verification, I had that in addition to comment moderation, but I decided it was too much a pain in the ass, so I kept the moderation on, but lost the word thingie - too tedious. Now I still hardly ever get spam. Mischief managed.

Ah, but did it really happen that way? I think it's possible the boxer bitch took advantage of the pointer-- she was horny and he was handy. Congrats on the new puppy, and good on DB for acquiescing to your request. Sweet guy, that!

Lovi said...

A new puppy!!!! I'm so jealous!

HollyB said...

Lainy, the only functioning camera, right now, is my camera phone. If I can figure out how to send a pic from it to my 'puter, and then post it to the blog, I'll try to post a pic. But as technologically challenged as I am, don't hold your breath.

Memphis Steve said...

Holy crap, I should've gotten here sooner! I didn't know anyone else had written about the racist jihad on Don Imus besides me. Well done! And I couldn't agree more! And holy crap, that explanation of the term "sucks ass" was DISGUSTING! But interesting at the same time.

Matt G said...

Tag: "Racism, dogs"

Well, yeah-- you apparently took on some bitch's part-black baby, near's I can tell.

HollyB said...

at least "Tip" isn't a "Nappy-headed Ho' ". He's slick-haired.
And I spewed when I read your comment, BTW.