Monday, April 16, 2007

How I Spent My Weekend

OK, first off, I need some reader input. I seem to be the electronic version of "Typhoid Mary" for printers. We have had 2 printers, and after using them for a short period of time, they refuse to work, and after trouble shooting every suggestion the computer throws at me, they still won't work.
So, what I need from y'all is some suggestions. We've had a Lexmark and an Epson. Tell me some easy, cyber-lexic proof, printers to choose from. I PROMISE, cross my heart, stick a needle in my eye, to cover this next one with a dust cover to protect it when it is not in use.

OK, on to fun stuff...

I spent Friday, runnin' around trying to get my "duties" as Treasurer for the Family Reunion squared away. I had to go to the bank to withdraw the money I'd been holding from the account where I'd parked it last April. Since I was in charge of the Silent Auction, I knew I'd need plenty of small bills and coins to make change for buyers, so the teller and I discussed how many of each denomination I should get. Then it was off to the Library to print off hard copies of the Officer Duties and the Treasurer's report for 2007. Next stop was the grocery store, partly for the stuff I needed for my contributions to the potluck, and partly just for our normal provisions.

Saturday, it was time for a little pampering for Holly. I recently went back to acrylic tips on my nails. I'm not a very vain woman. I don't normally wear much makeup. I don't obsess over my clothes. But I LOVE having pretty nails, and to borrow a phrase I read in We're Just Like You, Only Prettier by Celia Rivenbark I love the sound they make when I drum my nails, "it's like a poodle on Pergo", Yeah, Baby. I just feel prettier, more feminine, when I have nice;y polished, long nails. It's probably a "Class" thang, if you have long pretty nails, you must not be doing dishes, laundry, house or yard work. 'Cause all that stuff is plumb hard on nice nails.
I also treated myself to a pedicure. Now, that is just the height of luxury. And I have watched them disinfect those little spa tub thingies after every customer, so I'm not worried about any critters floating in the water. Plus, I've been going to McNails, off and on, for about seven years. I think if I was gonna catch something, I woulda by now.

Yesterday, I got up at 5:15 a.m. in order to make a potato-pepperoni casserole I was taking. I had made my 3 layer cherry cobbler [made with Splenda, of course] the night before. And I did all the things I needed to do while the casserole was cooking. And we were out the door by 7:30 and in Waco by 9:30.
The Reunion, of my Dearly Beloved's fam, was a blast. The Silent Auction raised more money this year than last. And the Treasury is in better condition than last year thanks to that and folks' generosity during the donation phase of the Reunion.

Driving home, we came through Dallas, instead of takin' 35W through Ft.Worth like we normally do. The reason for this, Race Fans is simple. A little bit North of Ft.Worth is....TX Motor Speedway, and y'day was the Something 300. We would have been passing through an hour after the TeeVee coverage ended. Not a pretty sight on 35W, I'm sure.
MY point, though, is that the scenery along that stretch of 35E, from Hillsboro to Dallas has changed a LOT since the last time I drove thru there 20+ years ago. How dare they!

The Dearly Beloved's sis-in-law was kind enough to give him a bunch of his Brother's clothes and shoes. We lost him to cancer last year and his wife is finally ready to start letting go. Jer was a sharp dresser. So DB and I had a good time going through the clothes and shoes last night. Some of the things are off by an inch in the waist or a 1/2 inch in the sleeves. There were also a number of "golf" shirts.
Now the Dearly Beloved and I are of a mind on the subject of golf courses...they are a waste of space that could be utilized for a perfectly good shooting range. However, my "Baby" bro, the Rehab specialist at TAMU is an avid golfer. I called him and he wears the right size to inherit the golf shirts.
I called my Tall Son to check on what size pants he wears. I may be his Mama, but I don't dress him anymore, so I don't keep track of those things anymore. He is the right size for the jeans and shorts. And maybe some of the shirts.

Last night, after the clothes sorting, I collapsed on the couch and just vegged. I watched The Dresden files. I may not like to read the Fantasy genre, but I enjoy watching some Fantasy TeeVee shows. And Dresden is one of them. Another is Painkiller Jane, which debuted last night. Both those are on Sci-Fi channel. If you're not already a viewer and you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, tune in. I like the way they blend sci-fi/fantasy/crime. Maybe that's what hooks me.
The Tudors had it's third installment on Showtime last night and I was glued to the set for that of course. I'm getting a whole new appreciation for these historical characters. Sumptuous costumes and sets ain't bad either.
Well, y'all have a good Monday.


Peter G said...

Holly, try an HP laser printer. Good monochrome units are in the $100-$200 range, and a color laser printer with networking built-in is under $300 at Sams Club. The lasers have a considerably lower cost per page than ink-jet printers, and the HP versions are about as bullet-proof as printers get. I've been using them since the first ones came out in the early 1980's, and I've never regretted buying any of them.

Gay_Cynic said...

HP. Lexmark, 3 AIO devices (Print/Fax/Scan) later, is evil in my book. Epson is problematic. Brother, once configured, is dandy...but the configuration can be big fun, especially in a networked environment.

HP just sits there, in my experience, and chugs away and in the vast majority of cases is an easy and straightforward install. Good market for third-party ink cartridges too...

Ink-jet for small-scale production, color or b&w. Scream twice and go laser for medium/large production or if you anticipate damp environments for the documents, or need court quality stuff. 250 copies + I usually start thinking of print shops, particularly with multi-page or bound dcouments.