Monday, April 16, 2007


I know what I was doing a quarter of a century ago today. I was lying in a L&D bed at Arlington Memorial, had an IV going and was doing my breathing in between and during contractions. This was the day my Son was born.
Between his own dare-devil nature and having a Sister who seemed bent on injuring him at every important stage in life, I wondered sometimes if he'd make it to Adulthood. I'm completely serious. If we weren't in the ER once every 3 months, they called and asked, "Hey, Holly, you mad at us? Have you started takin' Son over to Community?" He lost his first tooth to the front porch steps at 18 months. Then he got a scar on his chin from fallin' on those slick wood floors and busting the same spot open again and again. That scar in his eyebrow? Courtesy of the ABG and a curtain rod.
Then there was the time she pushed him backwards into a door. The knob caught him just below his ribcage, you know, where the kidney is. Since he was having a moderate amount of pain, the prudent thing to do was to take him to the ER and get a sonogram and a UA. Bruised kidney. And a grounding for ABG.
And the time he swerved to avoid a car and fell off his bike, while not wearing his helmet. His his head on the curb, and had a short LOC. He begged ABG not to tell me, but she knew better. She was actually pale when she told me about it. Even before I realized he had some amnesia and was confabulating, I had decided to take him to the ER. Stayed up all night to make sure he didn't slip into unconsciousness. And as heavily as Son sleeps, that was a chore. I swear, when he was a child, you could drive a diesel locomotive through his room and he'd sleep through it.
He was actually a "better" baby than ABG, no colic, he teethed better than she did, and slept through the night earlier. Or maybe I was just a more experienced Mother the second time around.
Being ABG's little bro wasn't an easy gig. All through his school years he was 2 years behind her and the comparisons by teachers were inevitable. SO he carved out his own little niche by being as different from her as possible. She's "In-your-face, take-no-prisoners, my-way-or-the highway" Double Bass playin' Thespian Softball catcher. OK. He's the quiet, go your own way, drummer, martial artist. They both made good grades and were very proud of one another's achievements, they just needed, as most siblings do, their own space and their own circles.
Today, he is a thoughtful, kind, loving, respectful man. He enjoys reading, good movies, classic rock, Celtic music, classical music, shooting, other peoples' children, dogs, and family. When the Dearly Beloved had to have some unexpected surgery on Dec. 22, and I was gonna host Christmas dinners on the 24th and the 25th, it was Son I called for "HELP". He came a day early to assist me with the cleaning and decorating. How many young men do you know who will do somethin' like that? I am so proud! I must've done somethin' right.
And Ladies...he's 6'7" and might weigh 180, but strong, not wimpy. Black hair, dark green and brown eyes. He is gainfully employed,financially stable and available.
Happy Birthday, Son. And Welcome to your Mid-20's. It just gets better.


Flo said...

Happy belated birthday to Tall Nephew, sorry I was late. Hugs and kisses, too.

HP all the way for me, too, BTW.

jrshirley said...

Sounds like a good kid.