Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shooter, the Movie - a Review

The Dearly Beloved and I went to see Shooter this afternoon. No, we still haven't seen 300, maybe when I return from seeing my Mom next week we'll finally make it. The crowds should be gone by then.

Now, Shooter is based on a Steven Hunter book, Point of Impact. I started reading Hunter with that book and enjoyed it immensely. You other Hunter fans know why. It's been updated, and they have taken some cinematic liberties with the plot and characters, but not so many that it spoiled it for me.

I won't spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, yet. But I just have to say, the director listened to his Tech advisers when it came to Terminal Ballistic special effects. The weapons handling is very good. Look for a brief appearance by Levon Helm. And a mention of one of my favorite spots on God's Earth.

I will give you one of the lines from the movie, it's not gonna spoil the plot or anything. Bob Lee, when asked why he is doing something answers, "You don't understand. They shot my DOG!" The Dearly Beloved and I know just how he feels.


gusdad said...

If they shot my dog "Gus" I believe I may be a bit upset as well. Although the screenplay changed locations, the tech info was pretty well on the spot. As usual, the movie rarely matches the "precision" of the book & no-one does Guns better tahn Hunter, but as far as I'm concerned, This was 2 hours well spent & only served to inspire re-reading my "Swagger" novel collection

G Bro said...

The man is an excellent read. I loved the Hot Springs trilogy.

"He shot my dog." I swear, girl, those dogs are icons to you. ;-)
Probably would fit into any mainstream religion: "In the name of the father, the son, and their two favorite hunting dogs."
"Chant with me now: om mani padme dog; om mani padme dog."
"And David slew Goliath, because David's Rottweiler took a chunk out of Goliath, then David whacked Goliath on the head." And they all danced to the tune of puppy nagilah.

I can just imagine a thriller about a tough lawman or anti-terrorist sniper where the protagonist says, "You don't understand. He shot my cat."