Monday, March 19, 2007

A Lovely Time Was Had by All

Yesterday the fam gathered to celebrate the ABG's birthday. As you regular readers know, her actual b'day was Friday, but she had another celebration to attend Friday and a hockey game to play Saturday, followed by a St.Pat's celebration, so Mama's cookin' had to wait until Sunday.
I had asked her which of my specialties she wanted me to make, and without hesitation she choose Chicken Spaghetti. I made an extra pan so she could take some home to enjoy for a few days.
What was a total surprise for her was the dessert. She had planted the idea last Sunday when she asked that I bring her a Banana Pudding shake from Sonic. She has loved B.P. since she was a small child. When the Dearly Beloved and I were dating, he would bring his super-duper Banana Pudding to special dinners. Once you've tasted his B.P. you will never settle for ordinary Banana Puddin' again. Nothing is as good as his. THe only day of the year ABG would get up early when she was a teen-ager was the Friday after Thanksgiving. Wasn't to go shopping, no way. She got up early to beat me to the left over B.P. for breakfast.

When she arrived, with her Grandmother in tow, yesterday, I fetched her a glass of tea, then told her to look in the 'fridge for dessert. You probably hear a high-pitched squeal from this direction about 1:15 p.m. That was ABG discovering the HUGE bowl of Banana Pudding and the slightly smaller bowl to take home.

Now my Tall Son was home for the weekend, too. I didn't neglect him just because it was his sister's b'day. He's not particularly fond of Chicken Spaghetti, and since I had made Lasagne Saturday night...his fav meal, he had leftover lasagne while we had C.S. and he had Reese's Cup cookies while we had banana puddin'. For a man who eats "Mass Quantities" of food, I am amazed how skinny he stays. 6'6" unless he stands up straight and maybe 180#. But then he doesn't like a lot of sweets, pumpkin pie and those cookies are about it.

Anyway, ABG is coming back up today. Her Daddy gifted her with a shotgun and the Dearly Beloved and I are taking her out to shoot it later this morning. Probably shoot a few other things, too. As she put it, "I have a 'crush' on that Browning." She was referring of course to the Browning Hi-Power in 9mm. I told her, "That's because you have good taste."

Part III of the CarMan story either later today or tomorrow. I promise I won't pull a "LawDog" on y'all.

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phlegmfatale said...

Glad y'all had a good time. That was sweet of DB to make nanner puddin', which is a glorious thing, when done correctly.