Saturday, March 17, 2007

CarMan, the Sex Offender, Part II

I manage to get CarMan reactivated and placed on my caseload based on the police report, which I had obtained w/o a subpoena as it is considered part of the public record, and the statement his soon to be Ex-wife came into the office and wrote out. Mrs. CarMan also signed a release of information so that I could access the ER records and obtain a statement from her daughter's psychiatrist w/o having to get a subpoena. I did take the precaution of having our Secretary notarize both the statement and the RoI. It would make it easier, well, that and my badge.
CarMan is positively incensed when I show up at his place of employment and inform him he is back on active status and needs to report to my office at 8 a.m. the next morning to sign the new certificate. He wants to know why I didn't bring it with me, "I can't take time off from work, I'll lose money!" He's a car salesman. I just give him my bland look, and ask, "Are you refusing to come to my office, Mr. CarMan?" He shakes his head and retorts, "No, dammit, I'll be there." I smile, sweetly, "I'll see you in the morning, then."
He was 15 minutes late. Three other Parolee had signed in before him, and they had signed in at 8, 8:03, and 8:10. When he wrote 8:00 on the sign-in sheet, the Secretary noticed, told the Supervisor, and Randa went into the waiting room and pointed at him, "YOU!" He looks at her with a puzzled expression on his face, "Me?" "Yes, you, Mr. Chicken Scratch for hand writing. Come back over here." And he sighs mightily and follows her back across the hall to the sign-in area. She points to the sign-in sheet, and nails him with those icy eyes of hers, "This is an Official TDCJ-Pardons and Paroles Division document. The columns are clearly labeled at the top: Print Name; Signature; Time In; Time Out. There is a clock clearly visible on that wall. Now, I KNOW that while you were in TDC they taught you how to print your name and how to tell time. Didn't they?" He grudgingly answered, "Yes." "What was that? I don't think I heard you correctly," Randa prompted. "Yes, Ma'am." CarMan wasn't gonna get a free pass, not on anything. Randa, sure that she had his complete attention, now, continued. "You will draw one, and only one line through your previous entry, you will then initial that line and I will initial it. Then you will make the Proper entries in the correct columns of the sign-in sheet, including your true time of arrival. Is that perfectly clear to you?" "Yes, Ma'am" he replied. Randa finished, "and you will do this each and every visit to this office. Is that also crystal clear?" "Yes, Ma'am," he replied again.

I finally finished taking the report of the three parolees who had signed in before CarMan. I got his old file out and put it on my desk, but didn't open it. I placed his new file, open on my desk, with the four copies of his NEW Parole certificate, and went to the door of my office and beckoned him in. I noticed a couple of other Parolees waiting to report. They were "good" parolees. I addressed both of them. "This is a new guy, it's gonna take a while, if y'all want to go get a Coke or some coffee, you've got plenty of time. Sorry for the wait." They both thanked me and strolled out.
CarMan was red-faced with anger when I sat down. I purposely left the door open because of this. He was an unknown quantity, I was not taking any chances. I handed him his copy of the Parole certificate and we began to go over it. He read faster than I could read aloud, as required by policy. Therefore he got to the Special Condition when I was still back on Section V. "What the F--- does this mean?" I looked at what I had just read, " Don't use that language in my office. It means you can't associate, hang around with, socialize with, go out with, other felons, you know, people who have gone to prison or been on ..." and he interrupts me, "What does this shit mean 'NO unsupervised contact with children' ?" he exploded. "Mr. Carman, " I calmly responded, " don't use foul language.I have found that it's much easier if you will just follow along with me on the reading of the certificate. I will explain the Special Condition when I have reached that portion in my copy of the certificate. Now, let's go back to Section V, do you understand about having no contact...." and he interrupts with, "Yeah, yeah, I know all that crap!"
I set my copy of the Parole Certificate down. I look him straight in the eye, "Let's get something straight, right now. I have told you twice to not use foul language in my office. And yet, you persisted in using a third vulgarity. I consider profane and vulgar words "verbal abuse". You have now been officially notified. You cuss, curse, or use vulgar or offensive words in my office or presence again and I will write you up. In case you've forgotten what that means...I will submit a Report of Violation. I will also file a Police Report for Disorderly Conduct. You have been told what the rules are for proper behavior in my office and presence and if you choose to flaunt those rules, you now know the penalty. Shall we continue reading your Parole Certificate, now?"
He picked up his own copy and we returned to reading all the rules and stipulations of his parole. When I got to the Special Conditions section I explained that 'No Unsupervised Contact with Children' meant just that. If he was going to be in the company of children, any child, even his own child, another adult had to be present, constantly. Not in another room, in the same room, every minute. His girlfriend would NOT be considered a suitable adult. Only a mature, blood relative of the child, that I or Randa had met with and approved would be suitable, or a representative of another State Agency. To say he was livid would be a gross understatement. To say he was irate would be putting it mildly. To say he was beet red and steam was figuratively coming out of his ears... that would come real close to the truth. But he signed it and stomped out of my office, after getting permission to leave . I reminded him to sign out, of course.
The next Parolee to come in, one of the guys who'd gone out for a Coke, said, "Another satisfied customer, I see."
I doubled over I was laughin' so hard.


G Bro said...


I'm uneducated about the details. When you say he was on annual report, that does that mean that the term of his parole has not expired but his reporting rules have been modified because of his good behavior? To reactivate means to changes those terms and watch him more closely? Then if he violated, the parole could be revoked? And you had to do all this because the PD wouldn't file charges on sexual abuse of a child?

Whew! Thank you for working the system to save a child!

HollyB said...

Yeppers, G. I had to get him back on active status, and start to build a revocation case against him for sexually abusing his daughter. AS I will explain in Part III, Parole revocation had a different standard of evidence, we didn't have to prove "beyond a resonable doubt" we only had to have a "Preponderance of credible evidence" to revoke parole. But first I had to get him on active status. And since he didn't have pending criminal charges and since CPS was staying out of it, I had the special condition impposed to try to protect the child. But I'll give you the details on THAT in Part III.

phlegmfatale said...

What an absolute cretin, and what a blessing to that child that you were on the case. Looking forward to reading part III.

jrshirley said...

Hm. I ain't real fond of bullies, and folks who abuse children seem to be the worst kind of bully imaginable. I'm glad someone looks out for them.

Me? Don't think I could survive long in a related field, without putting some chlorine in the gene pool.