Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blog Jam

That's what "Writer's Block" is for those of us here in the blog-o-sphere. At least it is for ME.
It's not that I can't think of anything to write, it's that I think of too many things to write. Except all these things I want to write don't constitute an entire blog and they aren't connected to one another.
Like for instance... and I KNOW I've read this and heard it other places and from writers and people waaaaaay more talented than myself, but for some reason, I can never remember the answer to the following question: Why is there always just ONE shoe lying in the road? Would Someone please give me an answer that will stick with me.

Another good question: When did Hollywood, New York and Nashville have the water and air polluted with hubris to the point that celebrities began to think that they were given degrees in Political Science, Public Administration, and International Relations that qualified them to attempt to influence their supposed legions of fans and the public in general on who should be elected, and how our government should be run? What, besides their ability to entertain, and their 1st Amendment right to Free Speech, gives them the idea that they are qualified to speak out on the issues of the day? Some celebrities do walk the walk that goes with the talk: they recycle; they drive energy efficient cars, they fly commercial. But when Al Gore, to my mind the most egregious example, is placed on the Global Warming Pedestal, and then the reports start coming out that his "home" is the energy guzzler of the State, and he jets around the country in private transport, where is the outcry?; where are the burning effigies of Al? Oh, yeah, that's right...that would contribute to Global Warming, burning an effigy of Al.
And all those folks who worked on "An Inconvenient Truth", how many of them showed up at the Oscars ceremony in Limos, wearing Blood Diamonds, dressed in clothes made of fabrics woven by workers in sweatshops in third-world countries? I'm just askin'.

Did anybody else tune in Sunday night to the Discovery Channel to watch Ted Koppel's program "Our Children's Children's War"? It was amazing! If you missed it, you need to get yourself over to the Discovery Channel's website and see if the have it on web cast, or when it's gonna be re-broadcast. And every congress-critter in D.C. needs to watch as well. This war will not stop with Iraq and Afghanistan. As long as there are Muslims who see it as their sacred duty to convert the rest of the world, at the point of a "sword" if necessary, there will be jihad, there will be war. I've been reading, a LOT, lately about the Radical Muslims. What is currently going on in Western Europe and what could easily happen here if we are not vigilant. Please begin to educate yourselves about The difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims. Find out what Dhimmitude is. It will scare you into action, or it should. Read anything by John Spencer. Don't like books? Go over to some of the links I have posted on the right side of the page. There will be links on those pages to follow to even more sites. Please begin to educate yourselves about this issue.

I'm not saying all Muslims are radicals, but I AM saying, worldwide, there are enough Radical Muslims who are being taught to hate America and all things American that we need, as a Nation, to begin to educate all our Children to this threat. And to be more Pro-Active to counteract it.

Now I think I've cleared the Blog Jam.
Maybe tomorrow you'll get something Light and entertaining.

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phlegmfatale said...

I know what you mean about the blog jam - sometimes I'm brimming with things to say and I worry about boring people. Some other times (like all the time lately) I've worried that I'm just so over-committed and wiped-out that I don't have anything interesting to say at all.

Yes, celebrities should shut their idiotic mouth-- the fact that so many of them are in in lock-step with one another gives new meaning to the term "mind-numbed robots."

I bought that book "America Alone" about the spread of Islamo-fascism, but I know it's going to be so blood-chilling that I'm feeling seriously chicken about reading it. I'm going to have to tuck into it one of these days. Maybe after I finish "Streets of Laredo." *whimper*