Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Morning Jumble

I found the quiz below over on John Shirley's "Wandering Thoughts" blog. I was surprised to find I was sooo conservative. On some other, similar quiz, I was in the same range as Colin Powell. So much for the accuracy of Internet quizzes.
I just talked to my tallest son. He was supposed to show up today and do some manual labor. But he called to say he's feeling a "bit under the weather", so he's postponing until next weekend. That way he can combine a trip for the Angel Baby Girls b'day and work for me at the same time.
It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the concept of having a woman-child about to be in her late 20's! Shudder/shake! How can that be? I'm still a mental 25!
Did you hear about the Ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia? 2-1 ruling by the esteemed jurists that the gun ban for Joe/Jane Citizen is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! And the Liberals are calling it an egregious example of "Judicial Activism". Yeah, right. When a ruling supports the Constitution, instead of eviscerating it, the cry "Foul!" Guess I am more conservative than I'm willing to admit.

PhlegmFatale was mentioning "fashion interventions" in her blog the other day. I think she and I share a brain some days. I was waiting for Dian and Claudia to arrive for a lunch date Thursday and noticed three ladies walking into the restaurant. One lady was a woman of size wearing a long, wrap-around skirt. To her shoe tops. Not a pretty sight. Another was also a woman of size, wearing a denim skirt, just below the knee, a clingy top, and a denim shrug. For those of you not familiar with fashion terms, a "shrug" is an abbreviated cover garment that ends just below the bust line. She had waaaaay too much bust line to be wearin' a shrug. Trust me. Plus which, these ladies had parked as close to the door as they possibly could. It took a great deal of restraint on my part to suppress a totally inappropriate urge to jump up and go impart my Goddessly Wisdom, "Honey, shorten that skirt about 4' and it will improve your gait and your appearance about 100%. And You, Ma'am...loose that tacky shrug. I KNOW it's the hottest thing on the rack, but it doesn't do a THING for you. GO for the blazer next time, Girl. And one other thing. Since none of you seems to be disabled, park a little farther from the door. The walk to and from the entrance. The exercise will do you good." Now, none of the above should be construed in any way as "sizeism". I am a woman of size. Have been for years, will still be when I finish loosing weight. Just not as much size. I will NEVER be a size 10. HAIL, I'll never see a 14 again. But I now that beauty comes in all sizes if you package it correctly. These ladies need to learn that.

Lainy asked where my ads are earlier this week. Well, Google ads got a bug up their nether regions b/c of the blog I posted just after they appeared explaining why I put them up. Evidently, to them, and their advertisers, that is soliciting for ads. I could appeal their decision to jerk the ads, but I'm not gonna do that. I went back and re-read the post. I don't think it's smacks of solicitation. and I refuse to be censored. they can # smoke, instead of trying to blow it up my skirt.

And speaking of can dial " #smoke" from your cell phone the next time you see a car belching oil smoke your drive around town, or out on the highway. IF it has a TX license plate and you're in TX. Most cell carriers provide it free of charge. Google "Clean Air Texas" for details of how to report polluters. You can also report factories for pollution.

Well, I gotta go dig in my yard, now. Y'all enjoy the sunshine today. I will and then I'll enjoy the spring rain.


G Bro said...

Do you ever watch "What Not to Wear"? You sound like me: I often say, "If she would smile and wear clothes that fit....." And that coming from a grumpy fat boy. Do as I say, not as I do.

HollyB said...

Yeah, but I've seen the way you dress, G. You dress nice, for a White Boy. Even a grumpy one.

lainy said...

I should have you help me pick out clothes. Sometime's I try, but usually I go for comfort. Ask Flo, she'll tell ya. BUT, I never wear something skimpy( unless I want something from hubby). Works every time!

I bet those ladies looked awful. The visual in my head won't go away.

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, I should be so lucky as to share a brain with you - I'd be clear-headed for a change. But I'm improving - I think you're rubbing off on me, and definitely having a positive effect.

Anyway, that's unfortunate, about those women making such poor fashion choices. The fact is that there is sore little guidance to aid a larger woman to look stylish but not trendy and not dated and not be-tented. They need to see some good examples of how to dress, and they only get that when Oprah's in living large mode. Oh well.

jrshirley said...

They sound like fashion emergencies, girlfriend! ;-)