Thursday, March 15, 2007

CarMan, the Sex Offender, Part I

It's been a while since I shared any Parolee stories with y'all. I'm in a mood, so brace comes a sex offender story.
CarMan had gone to prison on a drug charge, IIRC. He'd been a "good" parolee and had been placed on "Annual Report." This meant that for the first year or two he had been on parole, he had followed all the rules, had attended counseling, had paid his parole fees, reported on time, hadn't had any "dirty" UAs, and generally impressed his Parole Officer as having rehabilitated himself. [forgive me the "Alice's Restaurant" reference; sometimes humor is the only refuge of a sick and troubled mind] For the four years he had only been reporting his current residence and proof of employment annually to Austin. Hence the term "Annual Report."
However, now a speed bump had been installed in the parking lot of CarMan's life. When his 4 year-old daughter returned to his soon-to-be EX-wife after weekend visitation complaining of pain "down there", Mommy was very smart. Mommy did not question the child, she didn't examine her, she didn't bathe her and put her to bed per their normal routine. She took that child straight to the nearby Emergency Room and explained the situation to the ER doc. The Doc, called CPS, the police were notified, he performed an exam, collected what evidence there was to be collected and eventually, a couple of months down the road, after the Police Dept. refused to file charges and CPS was waffling b/c this was occurring during a divorce/custody hearing, Mom remembers that CarMan used to be on Parole.
That's where I enter the picture.
By this time several months have passed. PD never even arrested CarMan. CPS is saying the child is in no danger b/c Mom has custody, Dad only has visitation and she can just deny him visitation until a Judge says otherwise.
Mom is going out of her gourd at the nonchalance of CPS. And I can understand why. By the time a Judge hands down a visitation schedule, it will be too late for CPS to act. She will either have to face Contempt of Court charges for not allowing him visitation or put her child in harm's reach, Literally!
Mom has called Austin and been told my office is the one she needs to contact. She calls Randa, my supervisor. about three minutes into the conversation, Randa puts her on hold, buzzes me and gets me into her office. She then puts Mom on speaker and says, "Mrs. Mom, HollyB has joined me in my office. She is the Parole Officer who handles Sex Offenders and I am assigning this case to her. Would you mind repeating for her what you just told me, please?"
And Mom tells both of us her tale of woe and worry. She adds that since the ER visit, her daughter has been having bad dreams. When the dreams started she took her to a psychiatrist who specializes in children who have been sexually abused. She agree to send me the contact information for the Doctor. I also get her soon-to-be ex-husband's name, and all the other identifying information she has for him.
After the phone conversation ends. Randa and I trade looks. "I don't think I have enough evidence for a Blue Warrant, yet," I opine ruefully, shaking my head. Randa answers, with an evil grin, "I don't think you can get a Blue Warrant, but you definitely have enough information to get the incident report from the PD; ask Mom to write out a statement containing all the information she gave us just now; and once you have all that...then you can write a report to Regional to request a subpoena from the Hearing Office for the records of the Emergency Room and CPS; and request that they reactivate his butt and assign him to you." I jump in "...and as crowded as Huntsville is, and as picky as the Hearing Office has been lately...THEN I can begin to slowly and carefully build a revocation case against this waste of skin and plasma! Of course, when I re-activate him, I'll request a Special Condition of 'NO Unsupervised Contact with Children' I'll also need a subpoena for the records of this psychiatrist the child has been seeing."
Randa beams, "I really like the way your mind works!" I head off to my office to start writing up all the requests for files/reports/subpoenas our secretary will have to type up in order to set this plan in motion. I wind up using two and a half legal pads getting everything worded just right.

Tomorrow...More of the story.


lainy said...

Thanks for leaving me hanging. Don't forget to write tomorrow as I'll be waiting to hear what you did. LOL

phlegmfatale said...

I can't wait for the happy ending to this sex offender story. what a bastard. Good thing a couple good women were on the case...

G Bro said...

"Yes, sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie, I put that envelope
under that garbage."

Or maybe, put that piece of garbage under a big pile of paperwork? ;-)

HollyB said...

Good One, G!

Lovi said...

It takes a special kind of person to deal with this kind of slime on a daily basis and still keep the wonderful outlook on life that you have. My hats off to you.
Now finish the story durn it!!!