Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wandering Wits Wednesday

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you get the kind of Valentines I got. I got one from the Dearly Beloved that was so sweet it made me cry. And I got one from the dawgs that was so funny, it made me laugh. How do I know it was from the dawgs? Well, duh! They signed it...with they muddy paw prints. Jeez, haven't y'all ever gotten a card from your pet? [shakes her head]

And speaking of Dawgs, Ambulance Driver mentions what I like to call a "rat dog" in his blog titled, " I'm Clear, You're Clear, The Chihuahua Is Clear". Giving one of those yappy, furred, terroristic canines an electric shock is a good start. I have a Ben and Boo story that involves a "rat dog". There's a 6' tall wood fence along our Northern property line. The former neighbors had two dogs. One sounded like a big dog, had a deep bark, which is usually indicative of a 50lb+ size dog. The other dog's bark was a yippy, constant, frentic bark. One of those that began before the dog ever came outside and continued well after it returned to the interior of the home.
We'd hear the big dog now and then, usually when kids were walking down the street or when loose dogs were roaming the neighborhood. The little dog, however, we heard all the time. One day, we actually SAW the little dog. She had evidently been worrying the ground at one area of the fence. Finally, she made her escape. She made her escape right into our yard, barking for all she was worth at Ben and Boo.
I was in the yard, pulling up weeds. Whenever I'm outside, our dogs are outside. Lucky for the Escapee Chihuahua I was outside. As soon as Ben and Boo realised an interloper was in THEIR yard they ran over to her, all 2 lbs of her. She took one look at the dogs she had spent the better part of 2 years barking at, the TITANS who were now bounding towards her, with their gigantic teeth bared, and she she dropped to the ground, rolled over on her back and played dead.
I started laughing so loud, the Dearly Beloved had to come outside to see what was so funny. I was so amused, I couldn't stop laughing to explain. All I could do, with the tears rolling down my cheeks, was point. Boo and Ben, stalking around this little hellion, the one who had been sooo brave on her side of the fence. They weren't even sure she was a dog, she was so tiny. They kept sniffin' of her, and circling her and DB finally went over to "rescue" her. He picked her up and tucked her into the crook of his arm. He related that her little heart was just pounding. By this time I had calmed down enough to speak, "She came from the house on the North fence line."
So after DB takes the Chihuahua to their front door, I hear a man's voice calling to his daughter, informing her that her dog had dug under the fence. When DB returned to our yard, he told me the neighbor thanked him and assured him, they'd fix the hole so she wouldn't come "visiting" again. That's good, I'm not sure her heart could have taken another inspection by our dawgs.

Last Saturday, the DB had to run an errand. He decided, since the weather was mild and Ben hadn't been for a ride in the truck in a while, to take Ben with him. Now to see Ben in the bed of the truck in to see joy in motion! I have never, in a lifetime of havin' dawgs of all sizes and breeds, nevah, seen a dawg who loves riding in the truck like Ben. He jumps in the bed with little or no urging. then, he begins to bark with happiness before DB even starts the engine. As DB drives down the street, Ben is busy moving from the front of the bed to the tailgate, from the driver's side to the passenger's side. He wants to make sure he sees EVERYTHING. His tongue is out, his tail is waggin', he barks whenever someone looks at him, as if to say, "HI there, Friend, Beautiful day, isn't it? And I'm a beautiful boy, too!" He is just 100+ lbs of Yellow Lab excitement.
Whenever DB returns from whatever store he's been in, Ben usually has an admirer or two. Some will be bold enough to approach him and pet him, but others are too shy. On this particular occasion, a Dad was in the same parking lot with his 3 young sons. The boys were obviously wanting to pet the Big, Yellow Dog. DB looked at Dad and said, "They can pet him if they want to." Dad asks DB if Ben is friendly, and DB tells him, "Yes, he's OK, and he likes children." So Dad and his sons approach the truck . Two of the boys are tall enough to reach Ben to pet him, but the toddler in Dad's arms has to depend on Dad to get close enough to the truck. Dad is having to keep a death grip on Toddler because he is trying to squirm out of his father's arms to get to the giant doggie. When Ben gives him a big ole slurp with that wet tongue, that toddler almost went to the moon, he was so high. Dad and DB talked about Ben for a few seconds while the boys all petted the dog, then the Dad ruefully said, "We have a Chihuahua" and he and his sons told Ben and DB good-bye. I get the feeling Mom picked what kind of dog that fam has.

I found something really SICK while I was looking at the site meter... some perv in Poland, and no this is NOT the set up for a joke, somehow got sent to my blog using the search words , real nude children 12 yo . You'd think, having worked with Sex Offenders, that wouldn't shock, bother, gross me out. But it does. I guess I've been away from the professional side of it too long. But that doesn't mean I'm going back.

Also, AD, I get more referrals from your blog than any other single site. Thanks to you and your readers.

And last, but not least, I'm thinking about putting in google ads. Would it be a hassle to click on the ads, if I do decide to put them in? I've got a friend in Afganistan, a cousin in Baghdad, and a Niece about to go to basic training. The ads would support the "care" packages and postage for them. Once they are all home, I'll be joining Soldier's Angels, so it would be an ongoing endeavor. I need some feedback.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Going out of town again. Maybe I'll post from Killeen and maybe I won't. At any rate, you'll get something by Sunday.
Try to cope.


lainy said...

Try to post, I love your blog.
Yes, I'll click on any ad that helps our soldiers. You go, girl.
As for the "rat' dog I had my fill of those little critters while I was visiting in Ohio. They should be considered terrorists. The three I was around were demons and thats all I'm allowed to say on the subject for fear a family member take me out behind the woodshed. ROFLOL

Ambulance Driver said...

I can't stand the psychotic ankle biters. It's a daily struggle to resist the urge to punt one like a football.

And Holly, since your four-legged children got YOU a Valentine, you need to get THEM something in return.

G Bro said...

I'm just thinking of the Polish perv as the rat dog crawling under the fence, finding you on the other side....

Lovi said...

ROFLMAO - OS had one of those dogs for a while - yappiest thing I ever saw and tough! It sure thought it could eat you up and spit you out before you could blink twice! Demon dogs - that's what they are!
I'd be happy to click on ads for you so count me in!

G Bro said...

Your dog in the truck story reminded me of a great dog I once saw. We were driving out toward Fort Stockton on I-10 and saw a pick-up truck with a dog standing on top of the cab leaning forward into a 70-mph breeze. He looked so happy!

HollyB said...

AD -
Thanks for the Link. I never thought of him falling out, or getting thrown out. And Ms. Boo, needs restraint, too. Esp when the top is down.
LMAOwmp, at the image of ME waiting for the perverted Pole! Yeah, I got your nude 12yo right here,buddy...Me and Mr.Remington! The reason that dog looked happy was b/c he WAS happy.
Lovi and Lainy -
Thanks, Ladies I knew I could count on y'all for a click or two. You'll be like a pair of Flamenco Dancers, won't you?
Flo and Lovi -
Please give your Mom a belated b'day wish from me. How cool to be a Valentine Baby.

Flo said...

Yes, thanks AD. The way her mom drives, Miss Ellie would probably like a restraint, too.

Maybe we'll click, and maybe we won't! j/k I'd be happy to click for you. I can see it now: "What did you do today, Dear?" "Not much, just spend the day clicking for cash."