Friday, February 16, 2007

We Have a Winner

Yes, Indeedy, Folks! I have finally reached that all important 5K milestone!

The reader who came in at #5,000 came from Keller, TX at 9:23 on the 15th. I don't have a concrete bicycle to award as a nifty prize, like Ambulance Driver. I am waaayy to much of a control freak to let you pick the topic of my next blog. How does this sound...If I get a nice crop of tomatoes this year from my garden, I'll send you some "home grown tomatoes" ? {Yes, English majors and grammarrians everywhere, that "?" was so appropriate...that WAS a question, however obliquely worded} Remember, Guy Clark says, "There's only two things that money cain't buy, and that's True Love and Home Grown Tomatas."

This is my post from Killeen, hope you enjoyed it.


G Bro said...

We didn't even know it was a race! Next time, give a brutha' a "whut, whut?" Do you put little tracker tags on your readers like they do in the marathons so nobody can take a shortcut to the finish line?

lainy said...

Tomatas as a prize and I missed out! I'm weeping my little heart out.
Couldn't you have given us a clue?

HollyB said...

Who knew G and Lainy were such whiny wankers? Jeez, y'all want Gouda or Brie to go with those whines?
If you will look to your immediate right from the "date line" you will see my ever so cute site meter with it's spinning prism guaranteed to induce seizures if you stare at it for more than 3 seconds. Page back and Take a look, I'll wait.
Now, don't you feel silly for not being on the same "page" as the rest of the class? It's not like I was trying to hide the fact that I was closing in on the 5K mark.
BUT, since y'all ride the short bus to school, I'll give some tho't to sharing my home grown 'maters w/you. Just cause you're special.

Flo said...

Warning, Gbro and Lainy: only 2993 more before I hit 5K. But if you want home grown tomatoes, you'll have to get them from Holly.

lainy said...

Holly- No, I don't feel silly at all. I'll take the brie with them tomatas and whine, please. Thank you very much.

Flo, now I know to pay attention in class so I'll be watching your site meter.I'll try not to stalk ya!

G Bro said...

Holy cow - a little kidding around and you get called a wanker. 'Scuse me for using your electrons.