Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So Much to Say

I scarcely know where to start! But I will try, nonetheless.
Thanks to all of you faithful readers, for bearing with me during these last several days when I didn't feel like writing more than my name on a credit card slip. And Thanks for those friends, RL and Online, for all the Well-Wishes.

Boo and I have adopted a "Noblesse Oblige" attitude in our forays among my worshippers. Or should-be worshippers. We were backing out of a space at Sonic y'day after a trip to the Doc's office {which is why I'm feeling so much better, but more on that later} and some Upstart had the temerity to attempt to back HIS vehicle out at the same time. All it took was an imperious peer from Boo and myself and he quickly removed his lowly ford from our path of egress, and we were once again on our way to spread our own special brand of cheer and blessings.

The other morning, I loaded Ben's treat ball up with a bunch of peanut-butter crunchy treats and some bacon flavored treats and threw it across the room. It bounced down the hall, where he proceeded to chase the trail of treats. I called Boo back to me and started giving her an amount of treats equal to the number I had loaded into the ball for Ben. Unfortunately for Ben, or Boo, depending on how you look at it, I feed her quicker than Ben can extricate treats from the ball. When Ben prances into the living room with the ball and manages to shake a treat out of the ball, he drops the ball and looks on the floor for the treat he KNOWS is supposed to be there. But it is not to be found. Only Boo is there, licking her "chops". Finally, the third time this happens, Ben snaps to what is happening. He lies down on the floor, rolls over onto his back, holds the ball to his mouth with his paws, with the opening IN his mouth. Problem solved.
When he finally gets all the treats out of the ball, he goes to the kitchen for a drink. While he's in the kitchen, Boo steals the ball. Ben returns from slaking his thirst to find his treasure in the paws and mouth of "THAT LITTLE BITCH". Now, there is a principle at work here that may not be instantly apparent to those of you not familiar with "Pack" mentality. Ben may be taller, and longer, and outweigh Boo by 50 pounds, BUT Boo was here first! Boo is Alpha to Ben's Beta. Ben made the mistake of trying to take a toy away from Boo, once. She tore him a new one! Now, when he even comes within four feet of Boo and a toy she is actively involved with, she starts growling and Ben backs away slowly and carefully, no sudden moves that might spook her.
So he retreats across the room and flops down against the wall and heaves a BIG sigh, watching Boo chew on his Favorite toy. Shortly, however, Boo realizes all the goodies are gone from the treat ball! Now both dogs are heaving big sighs and turning mournful gazes to me. I start belly laughing and the Dearly Beloved's attention is caught. I explain what has been happening. He shakes his head and says, "What a pair of pitiful puppies!"


lainy said...

I'm glad she showed him. Cute, I was belly laughing myself.

Lovi said...

Girls Rule...Boys drool. My kiddos taught me that. Glad you up and feelin' better!

Flo said...

Yep. Bad enough when Harley had to take it from PJ, now he gets it from Ellie, too (she's getting right uppity in her little perch on the reclining chair).

So Ben didn't bring his bowl back, in his mouth, for you to fill it up?

phlegmfatale said...

Clever girl, that Boo. Ben is just a lucky boy to be swept along in her orbit, oui?