Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stop Giggling like a Bunch of 13 year olds...

And pay attention. The fact that an accomplished woman, an ASTRONAUT, for Gawd's sake, a position that we used to view with awe, wore adult incontinence pants while driving to confront her imaginary lover's girlfriend is pathetic, NOT amusing.
When I thought she was just taking "Psycho Hose Beast" to a new level, I was laughing and joking, too. BUT, when I heard on the news last night that there was NO actual relationship between her and the male astronaut, I quit laughing.

This goes out to all the Prurient News Anchors and Writers:
Just because your psyches are stuck in some earlier stage of development, or you've been exposed to too much British scatalogical humor, does not mean that this is funny. It means that Lisa Nowak was DELUSIONAL. It means that NASA has a HUGE Public Relations nightmare on it's hands. And it means that Nowak's family, especially her children, have been and are now going through about 9 different kinds of hell.

Show a tiny bit of humanity for their sake, OK?


Lainy said...

You are so right, your Goddess. It only takes one nut to ruin many lives. Sad, but true. Say a prayer.I'll say one for you as well.

Lovi said...

I agree. There's nothing funny about this situation at all. I feel for her kids

phlegmfatale said...

Ahh, the mature voice of reason. Sad business, that. Despite her obvious un-hinged-ness, I feel for that desperate woman. She looks like she needs a few square meals - she was probably driven to desperate acts by a maddening hunger.